6 Luxury Items You Should Carry on Your Travel

6 Luxury Items You Should Carry on Your Travel
6 Luxury Items You Should Carry on Your Travel
April 11, 2016

Some people might call them necessity but the highhanded nature of their prices can pass them as luxury for those on low budget. Either ways, they are a must carry when you are embarking on a journey for more reasons than one.

1. Freeze important moments with Nikkon P900 Camera

If anything should take you to Africa – particularly Kenya – then you have no reason not to see the beautiful wild life. Nikkon P900 ups the competition in distance photography with an amazing 83X zoom power. The April 2015 born camera is an all in one pack with optical vibration reduction that gets rid of those blurry parts. Not only tourists can benefit from this camera, photojournalist can exploit its zoom power to steal shots people would rather want to keep private.

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2. Always find your way with Tiffany 1837 Compass

A compass and a map is a necessity when preparing for a hike in odd locations. Tiffany 1837 Compass is a silvery blend of style and class. All you need to do is take up a few lessons on map reading and use of a compass and you are good to go.

3. Don’t go out of power with the Tumi Electric Adaptor

Maybe someone never told you but every country has their own unique power adaptor. Though a little expensive at $50, Tumi Electric adaptor comes with four configurations that will get you covered in over a hundred countries. When you imagine the important calls and money you could lose just because your phone or tablet ran out of power, you will see it is not a luxury but an investment.

4. Get back your peace with the QuietComfort 25

If your travels can take you to big cities with mad rush of cars and sickening noise, then, this Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphone from apple is a must have. Put it on and the world suddenly becomes you and your music alone. The quietness that will grip you will make every note sound clearer and balanced when the music is playing. It comes with variety of colors that can blend into your attire.

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5. Never lose focus of time with Suunto D9 Titanium

One thing that you would not want to lose track of when on a trip is time. You have to treat time like your life depends on it (It actually does) because if you get tardy, you may miss the train or flight or just anything that would prove costly. A good way to keep time is by wearing a watch. The Suunto D9 Titanium stands out as an incredible diving watch. Never again will rain stop you from having all the fun in the world.

6. Pack your stuff in Globe-Trotter Trolley Case and travel like prestige

The Globe-Trotter Trolley Case is synonymous with prestige, made by hand in the Hertfordshire factory. Notable men and women like Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, and so on used Globe-Trotter at one point in their life and using one will be like walking in their shoes. What makes the Globe-Trotter a marvel is that the handles are hand crafted. If you’ve got the money to get one, flaunt it.

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Highlights of the article

  • Take photos with Nikkon P900 Camera.
  • These cameras can help both tourists and photojournalists.
  • Tiffany 1837 Compass can help you to find your way.
  • Oh yes! You need a map too.
  • A Tumi Electric Adaptor will not let you go out of power.
  • Tumi Electric adaptor works in over a hundred countries.
  • Buy QuietComfort 25 headphones from Apple.
  • These headphones will give you the best music experience.
  • Use Suunto D9 Titanium and don’t miss your train or flight.
  • It also stands out as an incredible diving watch.
  • Pack your stuff in Globe-Trotter Trolley Case.
  • These trolleys are used many luxury travelers.

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