8 Ways to Get a Free Flight Upgrade

8 Ways to Get a Free Flight Upgrade
8 Ways to Get a Free Flight Upgrade
September 13, 2016

If you are a constant traveler, you would have at one time or the other wished one of the air hostesses would call you up to the first class or business class. Such upgrades do happen but there are ways you can take the bull by the horn and make it happen at your pace. The following tips will increase your chances of getting one.

1. Act like someone in emergency

Be the first or last to check in; this is the attitude of those in emergency. Though risky because either you spend awful amount of time in the airport when flights are delayed or you may risk missing the flight out rightly. But if there are upgrades available, an early bird boosts your chances of being selected. On the other hand, if the flight has been overbooked but there are still spaces in the business or first class, they may feel generous and give it to you at an economy price.

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2. Build a reputation

One way to build a reputation with an airline is to be a constant flyer. The more you fly and spend, the more your reputation. When there are openings for upgrades, customers with reputation will be considered first before ‘accidental flyers’. Spending here can be seen as an investment.

3. Go through an insider

Airline staff gets huge discounts on tickets. Getting an upgrade may just be as simple as making friend with an airport staff – if you want to go by the way of nepotism.

4. Buy upgrade with your social status

If you are someone of importance in the society, flaunt your titles. You never can tell how far it will go in impressing an airport staff who wouldn’t mind to pass you the upgrade if there is one. A diplomatic passport can work wonders.

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5. Fix the Appropriate Time of your travels

If you travel at a period when business or recreational activities are on a low key, it is more likely that the first class and business class will see less patronage. When the economy fills up, the airline may decide to place the business class at a discount.

6. Don’t forget to check your mails everyday

Airlines do send out mails to their loyal customers when there is a discount. Such discounts usually don’t last long. If you failed to check your mail, you fail out.

7. Throw some genuine tantrum

Sometimes, you may need to play the bad/ tough guy to get what you want. Assuming you have been overbooked or there have been several delays or flight cancellations, it is ok to raise your voice to show your frustration especially if you have a reputation with the airline. As a compensation to dampen your anger, you may be offered an upgrade (happens many a times).

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8. Use body language

In a way, just like the saying, “use what you have to get what you want”, your smile, demeanor and countenance can get you an upgrade. Simple gestures such as smiling or winking at an airport staff could be magical likewise your personal carriage and level of confidence. The baseline here is to be nice to all because you don’t know who is going to upgrade you.

The main features at a glance

  • Getting a free upgrade flight
  • Effective ways of seeking an upgrade flight
  • Using your personality to achieve it
  • Proper channel of communication to get an upgrade
  • Your goodwill or social status might help you fly at the first class
  • Using the first hand opportunities if offered by the authority.
  • Smart approach may help you reach the target
  • Successful negotiation with a flight staff can also materialize your dream


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