A fun Destination for Luxury and Nature Experience at Its Best

A fun Destination for Luxury and Nature Experience at Its Best
A fun Destination for Luxury and Nature Experience at Its Best
September 3, 2016

Envision a place having architecture of Word Class quality, on a magnificent five million acre estate. Purity and vastness surround you in an environment where one can really see nature at its best. Photographers from all over the world come to this same place to capture the best of pictures. Families, couples from different generations visit this place and return home with some of their life’s best memories. All of these memories are as a result having a climaxed connection with nature while enjoying luxury. But where is this magical destination?

The Chilko Experience, British Columbia is a paradise of nature

Situated in British Columbia, The Chilko Experience is an estate placed in the heart of a five thousand acre wilderness of unimaginable paradise. The Chilko lake, a fifty mile beautiful lake, is the biggest alpine lake in all of North America. Visit The Chilko Experience and you will definitely have some golden memories to share.

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The Chilko has a memorable myth behind

The Chilko experience was a man’s personal dream to provide the best of nature and luxury combined for his family and friends. But ever since, Phil & Anne Houston’s family grew up with their personal careers, Phil & Anne decided to make the wonderful luxury estate for new people to enjoy. Every week, twelve new visitors are given the opportunity to have a nice time at The Chilko experience.

Top-notch architecture is provided by Pioneer Log Homes.

Thanks to one of the best log home builders in the whole world, Pioneer Log Homes. The Chilko Experience features world class architecture hardly available anywhere else. Pioneer Log Homes are well famed worldwide for providing some of the best building structures so that you can know what to expect from the architecture at The Chilko Experience.

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The Chilko experience was built by popularly skilled ship carpenters

Maybe Phil Huston and Bryan Reid’s friendship was the cause of the great creativity in the project. Luckily for them, they came across three ship carpenters who developed the project for four years. Normally, ship carpenters are known to be very skilled in their craftsmanship and this skill can be seen in the masterpiece, The Chilko Experience.

A passionate and creative interior decoration must bewitch you

Anne Houston personally decorated the homes using the treasured collection of beautiful decors that she had passionately kept over time. To view this wonderful decoration, visit http://chilkoexperience.com and get yourself wowed!

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The Chilko offers fun experience and a perfect view of nature

A person spending a fun time while enjoying beautiful scenery is unmistakably the best way to feel nature. Most of these remarkable experiences are not only for laughs. They also bring about humility and inspirations in everyone who partakes of it.

Enjoy wide range of recreational activities at The Chilko

There are also a lot of daily activities for guests at the Chilko such as fishing, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, jet-boating over the popular Chilko River and many more. All of these activities guarantee that nobody will ever experience a bored hour at The Chilko Experience.

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Article Highlights

  • The Chilko Experience is like a magical destination of most people’s imagination.
  • The Chilko Experience is located in the heart of British Columbia.
  • This great destination features a world class, one-of-a-kind architecture.
  • Phil Houston actually built the Chilko Experience to provide luxury for his friends and family.
  • The Chilko Lake is the biggest alpine lake in all of North America.
  • Anne Houston, the wife of Phil Houston, personally decorated The Chilko Experience with her prized decorators.
  • There are numerous recreational activities at the Chilko Lake that cater for all sorts of people.
  • The best way to enjoy nature is having a fun time and enjoying the beautiful scenery at the same time.
  • The Chilko Experience was designed by the Pioneer Log Homes, one of the best log home builders in the world.
  • The Chilko Experience is open to up to twelve guests every weekend.

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