A Simple Road Guide to Hana

Hana town is one of the places any luxury traveller would want to be. As a first time traveller, it will be great to have a foresight of the Hana district before getting there. This is not intended to spoil the fun and thrill but to let induce your longing for this rich place. The last town you will see before leaving Hana is Paia. It is also a great place to have a breakfast, grab a cup of steaming coffee. There is also the Hana CD Guide manual which you can pick up at this place. What comes next is a review of the city briefly.

A little interior of Hana

The next great spot to make a brisk stop is the Ho’okipa. Surfers love this region especially and record the best surfing in Maui. Kiteboarders and windsurfers mostly invade the region because of the wind. However, surfing here alone is not advisable for foreigners except you go in the company of the locals who are accustomed to the region because the waves gets very huge in the region especially during winter.

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Feed your eyes at the waterfalls

The waterfalls at the Hana district provide a large area for visitors to swim. This waterfall is the first you will see when on your road to Hana. The area around the waterfall is usually busy and you are bound to see lots of cars parked around the region. The next ten minutes of Waikamoi Ridge trail have two loops. The trail is often muddy but lined by trees that sort of beautify the region.

Some of the places you should not miss out to visit

If you have not paid a visit to the Garden of Eden Arboretum, then you are missing out on something very important. In this region, you will find tresses that are hundreds of years and they could make the perfect background for your pictures. It is worth every dime you spend on it. Another place that would steal your attention is the Kaumahina State Wayside Park because it provides an astonishing view point. Besides that, the park has relaxation spots, bathrooms and a place for you and your family to picnic.

Take some memorable snaps at the Honomanu bay

The Honomanu bay is also another exciting place to take photographs. A drive should have been great except for the muddy nature of the road and if you do not have a good car you may get stuck. The beach of the bay is good but may not be the best place to try your swimming skills or sunbath.

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Enjoy the exciting new cuisines of Hana

There are many delicacies you could try your hands on while on the road to Hana. There is the bread made from banana. The breads in this region stand out in both quantity and quality and many travelers have attested to this. Other foods and drinks can also be bought here.

The remaining part of Hana

When you get to the upper Waikani Falls which is also known as the 3 bears, you will quickly notice some sharp changes like the way few cars will fill up all the spaces. The ideal at this point is to park your car and walk down because it becomes an accident waiting to happen as you drive down.

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Article highlights

  • Hana is one of the numerous places to visit as a luxury traveler.
  • A tour guide is sold at Paia, one of the outskirt towns of Hana.
  • The last town you will see before leaving Hana is Paia.
  • Paia is a great place to have your breakfast.
  • One of the delicacies of Hana is the fresh baked banana bread.
  • The waterfall provides a swimming spot for travelers.
  • There are trees over a hundred years old in Garden of Eden Arboretum.
  • Kaumahina State Wayside Park provides amazing view point.
  • At the upper Waikani Falls it is better to walk on foot.
  • The Honomanu bay is also another exciting place to take photographs.

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