A Virtual Tour to the Lands of Singapore and Malaysia

A Virtual Tour to the Lands of Singapore and Malaysia
A Virtual Tour to the Lands of Singapore and Malaysia
October 18, 2016

South East Asia is home to two popular tourist destinations: Singapore and Malaysia. Both the countries have carved a niche in the tourism sector with its high octane city life that bustles with diversity in race and culture. It is phenomenal to see how these two countries easily blend the tall skyscrapers and traditional temples on one side and posh apartments nestled in lush greenery, on the other side. Singapore and Malaysia are the ideal tourist spots all throughout the year. Fasten your seat belts as this article is on a virtual journey to the most popular tourist destinations.

Singapore: A medley of culture and cuisine

Singapore, also popularly known as the Lion City or Garden City is located in Southeast Asia and the world’s sole island city-state. This diamond shaped island offers a wide spectrum of sightseeing and culinary options. Singapore celebrates many festivals all year round which makes this place culturally appealing. Upon visit to Singapore, do not be surprised for a culture shock. This multicultural state is home to people with Indian, Chinese and European descent.

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Places to visit in downtown Singapore

Downtown Singapore considered the Colonial empire is home to many museums and theatres. Many restaurants, bars and clubs also line the colonial district. Orchard Road in downtown is an entertainment hub and famous shopping street that has gained popularity among tourists. Marina Bay, located in central Singapore boasts of the famous Marina Bay Sands Resort. Also in central Singapore is the famous Chinatown which is a cultural enclave that tells the stories of the rich Chinese culture. Flanked to the north of the central region is Little India which opens the door to the cultural heritage of India.

Places of interest in the north and east of Singapore

The north of the country also known as Woodlands has its industrial presence felt. The famous Singapore Zoo is also situated here. The east of the region is a residential hub with beautiful beaches and string of eateries lining the coast. Changi airport also lies to the east of Singapore. Sentosa is an island that has Asia’s tallest observation tower called the Tiger Sky Tower. Underwater Aquarium is also another reason why people go to Sentosa. These are just a few places in Singapore and there is a lot more to explore.

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The best time to travel to Singapore

Singapore is a land of tropical rainforest climate with almost uniform weather all-round the year. Temperature throughout the year ranges from 22o to 35o C. November to January are considered wet months with little rainfall. You can plan your trip to Singapore anytime of the year.

Malaysia, a piece of the whole of Asia

Malaysia is truly Asia. Located in Southeast Asia, this is a paradise that promises diversity in culture and cuisine. If you are looking for spending days in beaches, this is the ultimate travel spot. Malaysia is the perfect spot to quench your desire for a perfect tourist destination.

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Places of interest in Malaysia

Malaysia is an abode to beautiful and pristine beaches. To top the list is the famous Redang beaches which is an island located off the east coast of Malaysia and a perfect beach for snorkeling. Other stunning beaches are the beaches of Langkawi and the Perhentian islands. Malaysia exuberates strong cultural heritages of India, China and other Southeast parts of Asia. George Town in Penang is a UNESCO owned historical site that boasts of colonial structures, churches and temples. You can also see some precious gems in these architectures. A visit to the Snake temple is a must. Kuala Lampur is where the iconic Petronas Towers is located. The capital has some shopping centers and an array of restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines.

Malaysia is the land of adventure

Malaysia is a place where adventure is in its zenith. One can go for snorkeling and scuba diving in the Perhenthian and Tioman islands. Turtle Cave in GunungMulu National Park is the perfect spot for caving. The tea plantations of Cameron Highlands offer trekking adventure. Sunway Extreme Park is the place for bungee jumping. If you are into water rafting, Kuala KubuBharu is for you.

Planning your Singapore and Malaysia trip together

If you are planning to travel to Singapore and you have a trip to Malaysia on your bucket-list, it is probably best to combine both the trips as it takes only a 4 hour drive from Singapore to Kuala Lampur. It is easy to get a visa for Singapore and a valid Singapore visa can help you on getting a Malaysian visa upon arrival at the Changi airport. Trip to Singapore and Malyasia surely promises to be a thrilling experience.

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Article highlights

  • Singapore and Malaysia are two popular Southeast Asian countries for tourists.
  • Singapore has historical architectures and modern skyscrapers.
  • Singapore also has many restaurants offering variety of cuisines.
  • Singapore has a strong influence of the Chinese and Indian culture.
  • Singapore has a pleasant climate throughout the year.
  • Malaysia is home to many beautiful beaches.
  • Malaysia like Singapore has diverse cultures and many cultural sites.
  • Wildlife in Malaysia is worth watching.
  • Malaysia also offers its tourists many recreational activities.
  • It is best to combine Singapore and Malaysian trip.

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