Best Luxury Trains in India

Best Luxury Trains in India
Best Luxury Trains in India
September 10, 2016

A luxury visit to India can be experienced via different transportation channels. You can either go on different conventional means of transportation which will deal with every one of your requirements or you can have a recreation journey on a luxury train where you can experience fun, excellence and at the same time get complete relaxation. Visit the colorful slopes of India that will give you a feeling of tranquility or explore the profound side of the country in a luxury train and make your outing greatly paramount.

Ride with exclusive royalty on the palace on wheels

Established by Indian Railways, to advance Rajasthan tourism, this luxury train takes an 8 day venture, beginning from New Delhi and proceeding onward to different areas of Rajasthan. With exquisite designs, agenda and dining provisions, you would not want to miss out on the Palace on Wheels.

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Royal Rajasthan on wheels; a modern and royal design luxury train

A mix of Royal wonder and present day designs, this train offers an extraordinary luxury outing of Rajasthan. Beginning from Delhi, this train will move onto the fortresses and castles of Rajasthan furthermore the Khajuraho sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh; Varanasi and Agra, and spread a complete 7-day venture with total guards’ services

Experience a combination of royalty and luxury aboard the Indian Maharaja

This train will take you to the terrains of Maharashtra and some other delightful spots of India, like Rajasthan, and Agra. An endeavor of Ministry of Railway of the nation, this is an exceptionally lofty and luxurious train trip, which will give you a royal experience for 8 days.

Go on a 7 day immense adventure with the Royal Orient

This outlandish ride will take you on an outing to two western areas of the nation and its delightful spots. In its 7 day long adventure, Royal Orient will leave from Delhi and spread different destinations from Gujarat to Rajasthan giving you a flat out feeling of luxury.

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Explore wonderful destinations in India with the Maharaja Express

Covering all the brilliant destinations of India and demonstrating their legacy and magnificence to the travelers, The Maharaja offers four unique packages to travelers, which you can pick according to your choice. With outright luxury provided, this ride will definitely be the ride of a lifetime.

Travel like never before aboard the Heritage on Wheels

This luxury train is made based on the design in Palace on Wheels and cover different destinations of Rajasthan giving a complete Bikaneri delight. Watch the grand castles and sand ridges of Rajasthan, and appreciate the solace of the Heritage on Wheels’ regal ride.

Discover exclusive & wonderful destinations aboard the Golden Chariot

Through 7 evenings and 8 days in length stay, this train will take you to the stunning spots of Karnataka, particularly the explicit vestiges of Hampi. Different urban communities of the state alongside the waterfront terrains of Goa- all can be explored while enjoying the luxury of this illustrious train.

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Travel with luxury and excellence on the LuDeccan Odyssey

Government of Maharashtra and Indian Railways provided this luxury train, which will take you to the most stunning spots of Maharashtra. The legacy excursions of Maharashtra and beach front magnificence of Goa are both covered in this outing, in 8 days. The excellence of this train’s exterior matches the luxury inside in a flawless equalization.

Enjoy a regal and memorable experience on the Fairy Queen

Found amid the British Raj, this luxury train has the most established motor, and covers a trip of 2 days from Delhi to Alwar. It will entertain you with a memorable treat and a regal affair so that you can appreciate every one of the solaces and luxury that a visitor requires on his voyage. You additionally get the opportunity to stay at the Sariska Tiger Reserve and appreciate an ethereal India.

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Article highlights

  • Administration of Maharashtra and Indian Railways established the Deccan Odyssey to visit the wonderful destinations of Maharashtra.
  • The Royal Rajasthan takes you on rare luxury excursion of Rajasthan.
  • Luxury Trains are one of the most ideal luxury approaches to travel in India.
  • The Indian Maharaja will take you to several delightful spots of India such as Rajasthan and Agra.
  • The Royal Orient Train ride will take you on an excursion to two western regions of the country.
  • The Fairy Queen schedules an excursion of 2 days from Delhi to Alwar.
  • The Maharaja Express offers four different packages to the travelers.
  • The Heritage on Wheels covers diverse destinations of Rajasthan.
  • The Palace on Wheels also takes an 8 day tour for the luxury travelers.
  • The Golden Chariot will take you to the staggering spots of Karnataka.

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