British Masterpiece Stylish Boutique Hotels in London

British Masterpiece Stylish Boutique Hotels in London
British Masterpiece Stylish Boutique Hotels in London
August 27, 2016

There are just a few things that make a luxury shopper happy than stylish boutique hotels. This is because stylish boutique hotels allow the shopper to harness their deepest creativity and motivate them into shopping perfectly. A very wonderful example of such stylish boutique hotels is the Ampersand hotel in London.

Classic and enjoyable eateries

A much luxurious feature of the Ampersand Hotel is its treasure of exquisite foods and drink. With private mini bars full of deluxe drinks and general restaurants with delicious foods, luxury attains its fullest at the Ampersand. Also, at the Ampersand is a wonderful tea salon with the essential British characteristic you just have to love.

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Royal and exclusive visitor treatment

At the Ampersand, visitors are like kings and queens with the maximum possible privacy one can get in a luxurious boutique hotel. Visitors have a ‘do not disturb’ notice to define their privacy at their desired time. In addition, breakfast can be brought up to your room or served at the Apero restaurant downstairs at your comfort.

Beautiful, cultural and botanical themes

The Ampersand hotel design is themed with great cultural and natural features like feather and bird sketches all over the building, books about birds in the rooms and decorative installations on the halls and corridors to keep visitors constantly in a light mood.

Luxury even in the washrooms

The Ampersand does not neglect any aspect of it rooms when providing exquisiteness to its visitors not even its washroom. You will definitely have the best time washing yourself up with toiletries from Harris and Miller, a television on the bath’s top and many more.

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Enjoy pampering and top beauty sessions

Ampersand provides professional beauty therapists to preen and pamper their visitors. In addition to that, there is an all round one-day Techno gym for you to develop a healthy appetite with even more indulgence.

Wine and dine to luxury

Featured in the Ampersand’s chic Victorian restaurant is a comprehensive menu of classic foods for their visitors. In addition, the drawing room offers its own part of luxury with champagne, lavish afternoon teas and opulent surrounds.

Minor but major features

Most times, little things that really count and Ampersand agrees to this saying. Offering special small touches to the rooms and hotels to ensure the visitors maximum comfort is one of Ampersand’s priorities. Some of the small touches added to rooms to increase comfort are: sophisticated panel of electronics in the desk, dressing gowns, important toiletries like vanity kit, make-up removal and many more.

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Wide range of room options

Ampersand offers its visitors with a wide scope of rooms to starting from small simple single and double rooms to exquisite suites located on the fifth and fourth floors of the hotel.

Surround yourself with some of the best museums in the world

Staying at Ampersand surrounds you with high esteemed monuments that will spice up your London experience. Located in the heart of South Kensington, Ampersand is just a short walk from Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert museum, Royal Albert Hall and Science Museum.

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Article highlights

  • Ampersand is very close to some of the best Museums in London.
  • A stylish boutique hotel like Ampersand is a shopper’s paradise.
  • The visitors receive treats with loyalty at Ampersand.
  • Even the bathroom at Ampersand features luxury.
  • There are numerous choices for visitors who want to pick a room at Ampersand.
  • Ampersand features some of London’s cultural themes including birds and many more.
  • Ampersand provides little features that matter like dressing gowns and many more.
  • A very popular feature of Ampersand is its luxury eatery options.
  • Visitors also have access to premium dining options at Ampersand.
  • Luxurious pampering and preening with professional beauty therapists are available at Ampersand.

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