Enjoy a Vacation Full of Fun and Luxury at Budapest

Enjoy a Vacation Full of Fun and Luxury at Budapest
Enjoy a Vacation Full of Fun and Luxury at Budapest
July 2, 2016

Usually considered as the Heart of Europe or the Pearl of Danube, Budapest is definitely a wonderful luxury destination everybody just has to love. Although holding ancient and rich history, this city still blooms of youthful vibrancy and energy. Considering its great restaurants, and wide range of recreational activities like ice skating, live action games, thermal baths, relaxing river cruises and exploring cave systems.

Magnificent views from the top

Get yourself fascinated with the magnificent and one of a kind beauty Budapest has to offer to all its travelers. This gorgeous city will definitely take your breath away when viewed from the high tops of the castle hill, the citadel, and the middle of Margaret Bridge. It is an unforgettable experience.

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Shop in the midst of nature from Batthyany Square

Batthyany is one really great place to eat and shop while admiring the beautiful city of Budapest. Taking a view of the Parliament house over the river is beautiful view you should not miss. Also, spend a while shopping and if you get hungry, grab a meal all that the Batthyany Square.

Take an exclusive ship ride at Romaifurdo

If you are visiting Budapest, and you miss this ride, you will be regretting it for a long time. Grab an opportunity to experience luxury and also discover more by asking a local on the ship ride to act as your guide through the ride.

Experience an adventurous walk through Romaifurdo

Romaifurdo is a great place to hang out and meet with the Budapest locals in the summertime. Featuring numerous restaurant, bars and friendly locals, it will be a fun and enjoyable adventure.

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Great special vehicle tour

In the wonderful abode of Buda hills, treat yourself to a memorable tour of special vehicles just for fun! Starting from Szell Kalmanter, ride through the hills and experience a new level of fun before ending your wonderful tour at Zugliget.

Exquisite dining experience

Spending a holiday or vacation can never be complete without feasting on the incredible Hungarian dish. With top of the class award winning restaurants like; Onyx Restaurant, Borkonyha and Costes Restaurant, you will be sure to have the best dining experience possible.

Have a fun tour in the air

Want to view the all marvelous Budapest from the air? Then jump on a helicopter and ride above the Danube to enjoy some of Budapest’s top sights from the air for an unforgettable experience. Also, get access to some exclusive aerial views like the popular Parliament building, the Chain Bridge and the Castle District.

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Attend the night of the museum

Every June, spend a night at the museum in Budapest and discover if truly, museums come alive after night. These museums are open to visitors till around 2:30am to give visitors a chance to sleepover with history in this special annual event. With participating museums like the House of Terror, the Museum of Applied Arts the Museum of fine arts and many more –It will surely be one experience to remember.

Spend a great time on live games

Horror movies and computer games inspire the people of Budapest to set-up live action games as a combination of both. The games feature physical tasks and riddles all aimed at escaping from a room. Very few are successful at it but its sure a fun way to spend time at Budapest.

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Article highlights

  • Budapest is referred to as the heart of Europe.
  • Budapest is a favorite luxury destination.
  • The Onyx restaurant in Budapest is an award winning restaurant on a worldwide scale.
  • There are live action games for the residents of Budapest to catch fun with.
  • The night of the museum allows museums to be open up till 2:30am.
  • A helicopter tour gives you the chance to enjoy Budapest’s view right from the skies.
  • A tour of special vehicles is one great way to have fun at the city of Budapest.
  • Experience a taste of luxury on the Romaifurdo ship ride.
  • Batthyany square is an ideal place to shop and dine while admiring the city’s beauty.
  • Budapest offers both visitors and residents with numerous fun and recreational activities.

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