Exclusive Luxury Provision for the Increasing Number of Women Travelers

Exclusive Luxury Provision for the Increasing Number of Women Travelers
Exclusive Luxury Provision for the Increasing Number of Women Travelers
July 11, 2016

More and more female luxury travelers all over the world are going to create a massive influx in the wellness and luxury health holidays as well as the women exclusive hotel services. The amount of women with ultra-high net worth (female with over $30 million in net assets apart from their primary residences) are increasing at a much faster rate than that of men. This in turn has influenced hotels, travel agencies and tour operators to favor their interests.

Modern luxury travel industry is observing remarkable participation of women

According to a recent report, just between 2010 and 2014, the rate of wealthy women has increased by an amazing 5.3% in places with high UHNWI. This data surpassed that of men who increased by 4.4% even though there are still more male multimillionaires than female multimillionaires. With this rapid development of the status of female community, their participation in luxury travel and tourism is ever increasing.

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Wellness tourism offers all modern facilities

The Wellness tourism industry is increasingly becoming famous among women and other solo-travelers. Many Asian nations are the beneficial of this new trend as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and India are famed for top-notch wellness and health holidays. Recently, wellness tourism covers a wide range of recreational activities like yoga, spa, fitness and stress relief. They are keeping an eye to the luxuries of wealthy women so that they get attracted to these industries.

Luxury and wellness go together perfectly

Several luxury hotels in Asian countries like Shangri-La, Hyatt and Mandarin Oriental also offer spa services. Many chains of topnotch spa resorts such as the Banyan Tree that has corporations in Indonesia, the Seychelles, Thailand and the Maldives are also available. The Ananda Spa in Indonesia provides white-water rafting treks and safaris, meditation, spa treatments, yoga and fitness training.

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The Middle East luxury hotels have all preparations for women

Luxury hotels and resort centers in the Middle East are providing women with different types of special services. In areas, major Muslim hotels subsequently provide unique floors only for female travelers. The Jumeirah Emirates Tower in Dubai normally meant for business travelers provides a female-exclusive area for entrepreneurial women looking for exclusivity, luxury and sophistication. Most of the rooms in this area feature cosmetic refrigerators and are provided service by only female attendants.

The Four Seasons Hotel, Saudi Arabia provides an exclusive option of luxury to women

Just like anywhere in the world, The Middle East really prioritizes wellness. The female exclusive floor of The Four Season Hotel’s has its special gym as the laws in Saudi Arabia do not permit the women to utilize the major health club. The female floor possesses its own lounge and check-in desk with bedrooms featuring yoga mats.

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Luxury hotels in London cater specially for women

London is famed among tourists and travelers from the Gulf States and most likely, one hotel in the capital has featured a female-exclusive floor. In 2003, a very popular Arabian district, The Hilton on Park Lane Mayfair started one but secretly stopped it according to the media.

The Dukes hotel in Mayfair has special “Duchess” rooms

Many different hotels in London however have stuck to the “women-friendly” bedroom system. At Dukes in Mayfair, there is a special female room called the Duchess rooms that boast of flowers, makeup mirrors, and lifestyle magazines. It also features the female-only room service as well as many other luxury services that might be preferred by a lady.

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Article highlights

  • Ever year, more female members join the multimillionaire elites thereby influencing the wellness and health luxury industry.
  • Many hotels, travel agencies and tour operators now favor the preference of females.
  • Between 2010 and 2014, wealthy women worldwide increased by an impressive 5.3% rate.
  • Wellness tourism ensures all modern amenities like yoga, spa, fitness, detox and stress relief.
  • Women are really taking to preference, the wellness industry.
  • Asian countries nowadays focus on delivering exquisite luxury facilities for women.
  • Several countries in the Middle East now cater luxuriously for women in their hotels and resorts.
  • Hilton Park in London once offered a female-exclusive luxury section.
  • The Dukes in London features a special female section called the Duchess featuring all luxurious amenities that every sophisticated woman likes.
  • Participation of women in luxury travel is obviously a positive sign for tourism industry.

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