Exotic Places in India to Experience Snowfall

Exotic Places in India to Experience Snowfall
Exotic Places in India to Experience Snowfall
October 22, 2016

India is a beautiful country that bewitches tourists with its enthralling culture, heritage and cuisines. A land where one can witness diversity in the languages spoken, the traditions and rituals followed and even the climate. Ranging from a tropical climate in the south to an alpine climate in the north, it is an overwhelming experience to be in places clad in snow and to sip a hot coffee. There are quite a few places in India that receives snowfall and where one can indulge in snowball fights or just to relax and enjoy the snowfall. This article is sure to send you chill as we take you through the snow receiving parts of India.

Sonmarg is well-known as the meadow of gold

Sonmarg is a paradise of snow. Nature has abundantly bestowed Sonmarg with beautiful glaciers and frozen lakes. The meaning of the word Sonmarg is pathway of gold. This is a most sought after tourist destination in India among snow lovers. This place is covered with pristine white snow stretching to the wide horizon almost throughout the year with only a little snow from April to September.

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North Sikkim is called the land of snow

Yumthang, a place in North Sikkim is known to have snow all-round the year. This place is not open throughout the year as the roads are blocked due to extreme weather conditions. It is a wise idea to enquire before planning a trip to this place. This is considered the best place to visit for enchanting views of snow. It is not advisable to pay a visit during the monsoons as the snow starts to melt.

Manali and Rohtang Pass are the best sites for snow slopes

Manali is a breathtaking hill station located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The tall Himalayan peaks overlook this hill station. Manali is home to some beautiful valleys. Rohtang Pass is a mountain-pass that sprawls itself on the highway to Leh and connects the valleys of Himachal Pradesh. The snow-clad slopes of Manali along with the pristine rivers make this place a tourist favorite spot. This place offers adventurous activities like ice-skating and skiing. One should club their visit to Rohtang Pass with the Manali trip as both the places are very close by. Monsoon is not a good time to visit this place.

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Gulmarg , sight to behold, offers sports and amusements as well

Gulmarg is considered the favorite skiing destination in India nestled in the beautiful State of Jammu and Kashmir. Ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding a ride on the Gondola are some of the adrenaline kick activities Gulmarg has to offer. One can also climb the peaks of PirPanjal Range and Nanga Parbat. Its close proximity to the beautiful valleys of Srinagar has seen lots of tourists coming to this place.

Nainital is reputed as a place of picturesque view

Nainital is a place bestowed with the beautiful Naina Lake and which offers its tourists snow-clad trekking opportunities. Nanital is a hot spot for newly-weds because of the picturesque view the place has to offer. The Nanda Devi Peak looks spectacular in the months of December and January. The weather conditions are never harsh and one can plan a trip to this place any time of the year.

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Ladakh is the land of frozen river

Ladakh is one of the best places to experience snow in India. The frozen river Zanskar is a sight to behold. This river remains frozen in the months of January and February. Chadar Trek is a place for experienced trekkers as amateurs would find it difficult due to the harsh weather conditions. The Stok Kangri Trek offers a very challenging trekking route.

Auli in Uttarakhand is a dreamland for the snow lovers

Auli is the winter dreamland of India. Graced with forests surrounding snowy peaks, Auli offers panoramic view. The snow slopes are great for skiing. Many skiing competitions are held annually. Various skiing resorts are lining the snow slopes. One can absorb the breath taking views of the mountain peaks of Nanda Devi, Kamat Kamet and Mana Parvat, Joshimath, a sacred place with close proximity to Auli.

Patnitop should be a perfect place for paragliding

Patnitop, located in Udhampur district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a hill station abundant in deodar and pine forests. The blanket of snow covers most of the region and is a perfect place for paragliding. Snowboarding and skiing are other activities people indulge in. Batote is another beautiful hill station that is close to Patnitop.

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Article highlights

  • India is a land with varying climatic features.
  • Northern part of India has a highland climate with many places witnessing snowfall.
  • Sonmarg is a snow covered paradise in Kashmir.
  • Yumthang in North Sikkim has snow throughout the year.
  • Manali and Rohtang Pass are beautiful places that have snow.
  • Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir is ideal for skiing.
  • Nainital in Uttarakhand is a beautiful place that gets snow in winters.
  • Ladakh is the place for experienced trekkers.
  • Auli is considered to be the snow-land of India.
  • Patnitop is another snow covered hill station in Jammu and Kashmir.

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