Experience World Class Luxury in India

Experience World Class Luxury in India
Experience World Class Luxury in India
May 27, 2016

In the past India used to be considered a “low-life” destination for strife and poverty, but nowadays India is getting famed for offering some exclusive and luxurious experiences in its cities. There are numerous wonderful hotels now being built in India that feature classy amenities, grand surroundings and luxury of international standards.

Most of the major luxury resorts in India boast of exotic locations, luxurious ambiance, stunning surroundings, just to mention a few. They are mainly set-up in order to give their guests the best relaxing and invigorating experience. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best ways to actually experience luxury in the borders of India.

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Enjoy the sight and sound at Oberoj Udvilas on Lake Pichola

Featuring some of the most amazing accommodations in the world, the Oberoi Udavilas was awarded in 2012 as the “Best Resort in the World. Every room at this resort possesses a private courtyard that offers beautiful gold furnishings in the suite.

This resort is situated on the banks of Lake Pichola on the 200 year old chasing grounds of the Maharana of Mewar. These wild fifty sections of land of area are home to wild hog and deer and offer stunning views of the lake.

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While staying here, you can take a serene boat venture on the waters of Lake Pichola in a conventional boat while watching the gleaming Rajasthani nightfall. Your aide will let you know somewhat about the historical background of the regal city at Udaipur and clarify the importance of the numerous notable destinations.

Redeem yourself at the Himalayas

The Himalayas are famed for their deep spirituality and are filled with the vitality of the goddess Parvati. Redeem yourself at this magnificent spa and grasp everything there is to know of Yoga.

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Numerous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey have stopped by Ananda in the Himalayas to have a feel of this spirituality. You will be provided with your very own reflection and yoga program intended for you with the goal that will give balance to your well being and prosperity. By the time you are leaving, you will feel energized, empowered and happy.

Treat yourself to royalty at the Taj Nadesar Palace

The breathtaking and exquisite Taj Nadesar Palace in Varanasi has been host to big names and royals since the nineteenth century and staying there provides one of the best experiences of luxury in India. This magnificent palace is beautified with precious art works from the Maharaja’s accumulation and bits of unique furniture.

It is situated on the banks of Ganges and encompassed by flawless jasmine fields, mango plantations and attractive gardens. A sanctuary of serenity and peace, feasting on the sun-doused veranda of the Palace is a really remarkable experience.

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Article highlights

  • The Himalayas are extremely popular for their profound deep sense of being.
  • A rare feel of spirituality may arrest your thought in the touch of Himalayas.
  • At Ananda, you might be inspired by a sublime sense of the mystery of the universe.
  • This Oberoi Udavilas is arranged on the banks of Lake Pichola at the 200 year old pursuing grounds of the Maharana of Mewar.
  • Awarded as the “Best Resort in the World” Oberoi Udavilas certainly adds extra charm to your travel.
  • The stunning and lovely Taj Nadesar Palace in Varanasi has been host to enormous names and royals since the nineteenth century.
  • A large portion of the significant extravagance resorts in India brags of colourful areas, sumptuous vibe, shocking surroundings, just to say a couple.
  • The Jnana Pravaha is renowned for Indian craftsmanship.
  • Take a tranquil pontoon wander on the waters of Lake Pichola in a routine vessel while watching the shining Rajasthani dusk.
  • India is getting well known for offering some lavish encounters in its urban communities too.

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