Explore the Amazon in Luxury

The Amazon is one of the major destinations in any Brazilian trip. Although, the Amazon stretches through all of Latin America, the best part of the Amazon is located in Brazil in terms of both rainforest and river.

An example of the wonderful Amazon sections in Brazil is the popular “Meeting of the Waters”. This meeting occurs only at times when the Rio Solimoes joins the black Rio Negro and the two different coloured waters flow beside each other for up to 5 miles without mixing. It is really a magnificent sight. In case you are looking to visit the Amazon one day, we have put a small list of the most luxurious methods to explore the Amazon.

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Explore with a luxurious cruise on the river

A very comfortable and fun way to explore the Amazon is on a luxury river cruise. It’s more or less like a floating hotel exploring the jungle. Most luxury river cruises can go from the city of Manaus, all the way in the deep Amazon all at your own comfort and luxury.

In case you get hungry, you can always find the best of local Amazon food on a classic dining platform. Many explorers will probably tell you their job was stressful or dangerous, but on the luxury river cruise, you will be exploring and at the same time be as comfortable as you are at home.

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Also, the luxury and comfort does not take the fun or wild exploration out of the tour. In case you prefer to take trips on a canoe or trek through the Amazon, you are always free to do so. You can even give fishing a try or pay the local communities a visit while exploring the rainforest all at your own choice.

Experience a fanciful night in a luxurious Amazon resort

If you actually prefer to be on land or have something against moving on boats, then this exploration method is perfect for you. Located right in the centre of the Anavilhanas archipelago, the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is a beautiful real estate with bungalows and chalets situated on Rio Negro’s banks. This wonderful resort provides a luxurious sanctuary within the Amazon rainforest’s tranquillity.

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The main purpose of the Anavilhanas’ building design is to sustain and maintain minimal effect on nature all around it. They successfully achieve this through rigid laws and close collaboration with the Amazon’s local communities.

This lodge is ideal for taking a rest after a day of deep exploration. Just imagine the perfection in relaxing in a cool pool with a marvellous sight of the Amazon River after a fun tour.

Get wild on a private yacht

This is definitely the highest level of luxury one can experience while exploring the Amazon. The private boat cruise gives you the opportunity to explore very deep into the Amazon while enjoying maximum luxury. Most yachts are ideal for just small groups of people to provide them with maximum privacy, exclusiveness and luxury.

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Article highlights

  • The Amazon is one of the significant destinations in any Brazilian excursion.
  • The private yacht voyage gives you the chance to travel deep into the Amazon in extreme luxury.
  • Most luxury river voyage can go from the city of Manaus, the distance in the profound Amazon all at your own solace.
  • On the luxury river voyage, you can investigate the nature freely just as you are at home.
  • The two distinctive shaded water streams adjacent to each other for up to 5 miles can float you with utmost ecstasy.
  • The Anavilhanas Jungle gives an extravagant haven inside the Amazon rainforest’s peacefulness.
  • The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is a lovely land with cabins and chalets arranged on Rio Negro’s banks.
  • The primary reason for the Anavilhanas’ building outline is to manage and keep up negligible impact on nature surrounding it.

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