Financial Document Exposed the Exotic Lifestyle of American Teachers

Financial Document Exposed the Exotic Lifestyle of American Teachers
Financial Document Exposed the Exotic Lifestyle of American Teachers
April 29, 2016

Teaching is often regarded as a noble profession but a financial document has proven that teachers are beginning to step out in style. Jade Thompson, a Spanish teacher who earns about sixty-five thousand annually was angered by the report and has gone ahead to challenge the mandatory eight hundred dollars union fee saying it is a lot of money for some families. US labor union is only expected to report expenditures by its members above five thousand dollars while luxury travellers are loosely defined as those that spend above five hundred dollars per night.

Content of the annual financial document

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A scan through the annual document revealed how Federation of teachers consumed over 1.3 million dollars on luxury hotels. It also made a shocking revelation of over three hundred thousand dollars spend on luxury travels. The record shows that entire travel expenses stood at over three hundred million. The play out of events aroused suspicion among members. The spokesman of Common Cause, a good government advocacy group, Dale Eisman concluded that it was up to the union to clearly define the ethical rules of the system.

How long this has been happening

The report showed how US teacher’s union has spent over 5.7 million dollars to book rooms in flamboyant hotel, resort, flights and cruising in limos. Car services alone in the space of three years gulped a whopping $59,368. The union financial report also revealed that the American Federation of Teachers in a space of a year, July 2013 to June 2014 has spent above sixty three thousand dollars on airlines including; Aer Lingus, British Airways, Taiwanese international airlines, Air France and Air New Zealand.

Explanations to show union’s judicious use of funds

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The report by American Federation of Teachers tried to offer some explanations to some of its oversea trips to include promotion of the union interest in Honduras, England and Australia. There was also a delegate sent to attend the 2012 world congress of the global trade union in South Africa. Another was the visit of the unions’ secretary-treasurer to Haiti, Port-au-Prince precisely which was ravaged by earthquake.

Extravagant expenditures by union members

Inasmuch as the union members tried to exonerate themselves, there are still records from July 2012 to June 2013 of expenditures that appeared to be wasteful such as ten thousand dollars on Rosewood London, seven thousand dollars at Ritz-Carlton in Santiago, over three hundred thousand to organize a meeting at Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, over six thousand at Walt Disney World and the list goes on and on.

Public opinion concerning the AFT financial report

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Terry Moe, a professor at Stanford University brought a new perspective to the subject matter. He argued that the bigger picture should not be on how much the union members have spent but on how their expenditures have been able to shape public policy and elections. Ken Girardin, an Empire Center for Public Policy analyst didn’t quite agree with this. He equated mandatory dues to taxes and said it made sense for someone who paid such dues to know what the money is going into.

Article highlights:

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  • How AFT spent funds between 2011 and 2014
  • Financial report of AFT showing breakdown of expenditure
  • Why Union Members’ mandatory dues should be scrapped
  • Relationship between Union mandatory dues and taxes
  • Explanations made by Union Members for the expenditures
  • The history of financial recklessness of AFT Union Members
  • Amount paid by AFT Union Members as levies
  • Category of spenders regarded as luxury spenders
  • The need to make ethical standards in the Union clearer
  • Some judicious use of AFT Union fund

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