Heavenly Luxury in the Resorts at Brea CA

Heavenly Luxury in the Resorts at Brea CA
Heavenly Luxury in the Resorts at Brea CA
July 2, 2016

Luxury homeowners in Brea CA can definitely testify to the strong community and comfortable and prestigious lifestyle the graceful city of Brea has to offer. Located in the Orange County of California, Sunset magazine in 2006 attributed Brea to be among the top five suburbs one can get accommodated in the Western area of the US. Below are some of the features that ensure Brea CA upholds its reputation for luxury.

Accommodating atmosphere for residents

This wonderful city features a year-round warm and climate that keep the inhabitants constantly comfortable. In addition to its inviting climate, the locals and residents of Brea CA have also been identified as a group of accommodating and inviting people. There definitely is not anything like living in harmony with your neighbors and the weather.

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Access to a prestigious collection of artworks

Ever since 1975 when Brea began a comprehensive program called Art in Public Places that incorporates private developments with public art, it has effectively developed into a marvelous art haven. As of recent, there are over one hundred and fifty outdoor sculptures that feature masterpieces from internationally and locally acclaimed artists like Nikki de St. Phalle, J. Seward Johnson and Magdalena Abakanowicz. These artworks can be viewed throughout the whole city which is a wonderful provision of enriching art experience for every homeowner in Brea CA.

Home to a nationally acclaimed art gallery

Despite housing attractive outdoor sculptures, Brea also features the Brea Art Gallery – a nationally recognized art gallery. Established in 1980, the gallery is situated in the popular and highly esteemed Brea Civic and Cultural Center offering different artistic opportunities for the whole community including live at demonstrations, art workshops, lectures for artists and many more.

The Curtis Theater provides enjoyable live performances

Another wonderful art figure located in Brea is the Curtis Theater, a fun and recreational drama center. Located at the Brea Civic and Cultural Center, the Curtis Theater is a place where homeowners or residents of Brea CA enjoy drama performances at a comfortable pace.

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A shopper’s delight!

Brea CA is also considered most times as a haven for shoppers to enjoy themselves. Some of the major and exclusive shopping venues include Brea Marketplace, the Brea Mall, Downtown Brea, Gateway Center, Brea Plaza and Union Plaza.

Exquisite Dining and Recreational centers

Apart from a shopping haven, Brea CA also offers its residents with a substantial combination of prestigious dining options, charming restaurants, trendy stores, quaint cafes and many more.

Active and solid community

Brea CA’s community is constantly active and strong with numerous amenities and facilities to enjoy for every resident or homeowner in Brea CA. Some of the facilities contributing to the strength of this city include an outdoor Arts Garden, an Art studio, small and large meeting rooms, and a magnificent community hall. These facilities are ideal for providing homeowners and residents with a wonderful environment for recreational activities and outdoor events like wedding ceremonies, parties and celebrations.

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Resourceful Community Programs

The community center also provides different programs for everyone like Summer Day Camp, Fitness Program, Teen Zone, Adult Sports, Youth Sports, After School Program, Family Resource Center and many more.

Perfect for everyone

Considering the ton of available activities and events available for everyone at Brea CA, nobody can be left out. One can take advantage of places to play, relax, celebrate and work.

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Article highlights

  • According to Sunset magazine, Brea CA is among the top five suburbs in the west coast of USA.
  • Brea CA has a comfortable warm climate or weather throughout the year!
  • Brea CA is famous for being one of the most prestigious art centers in the US.
  • There are over one hundred and fifty masterpiece sculptures exhibited in Brea CA.
  • A very important art feature of Brea CA is its nationally acclaimed art gallery.
  • Brea CA features a wonderful Art gallery that is perfect for fun and relaxations.
  • The community at Brea CA is very active with various resourceful programs.
  • Numerous luxurious shopping plazas at Brea CA make it every shoppers delight.
  • Homeowners in Brea CA have access to classic dining and recreational centers.
  • The Curtis Theater features live performances to provide homeowners with maximum pleasure.

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