How Social Media has Transformed the World of Luxury Travel

How Social Media has Transformed the World of Luxury Travel
How Social Media has Transformed the World of Luxury Travel
August 15, 2016

Social media is one of the scientific innovations that have transformed the world. It has changed the way we think, act and perceive the world. For others, it is a new source of income but to luxury travelers; it is an expansion of what fun used to be. Social media now offers luxury travelers the avenue to connect with people who share interest with them. The list of the possibilities and influence of social media on luxury travel is a long one and what you see below may not be an exhaustive list but it will enough to open your mind to the current trend of luxury travel.

Impact of Social Media on Luxury Hospitality

One of the worries of luxury travelers in the past was getting a befitting accommodation in a location one has never visited before. Then, there was no way to judge the standards and get accurate information of hotels in such areas. It was just like a pilot flying without radar, but with the advent of social media, all that has changed. A luxury traveler can go to a social media group and put up such questions and get answers and suggestions within a few minutes. He/she could also read reviews from people who have visited such areas and that would help you to make a better decision.

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The Possibility of Further Social Media Interference

Currently, Sol Wave House in Majorca has a strong social media influence especially on twitter which got them the nickname, ‘twitter hotel’. The hotel allows clients to make booking through a special social media app. The app also allows everyone in the hotel to interact with each other. Every Friday guests are presented with the opportunity of winning exciting prizes when they follow the hash tag #TwitterPoolParty. With the pace at which social media is gaining acceptance, we hope a time will come when people can organize group excursions or hotels reward loyal guests or those that promote them through social media with all-expense paid travels.

Setbacks to Social Media Use in Luxury Travels

The first critical point is subscription to data. This is awfully expensive in some places and would need you to subscribe to multiple networks because the moment you leave the range of coverage of your subscribed network, you will need another. Luxury hotels and agencies on the other hand would ditch social media because of the cost of keeping them active. This becomes a bigger problem if they are not generating some revenue from it.

Benefits of Using Social Media by Luxury Travelers

To the travelers, social media presents them with the easiest way to share the fun with their friends. To luxury hotels on the other hand, it will be a whole new way to reach out and connect with wider audience. Luxury hotels can advertise themselves using pictures and videos. This is a much better option than sticking with the traditional adverts such as newspapers which get recycled after a day. The cost of doing adverts is also cheaper with social media than using televisions, radios and newspapers combined.

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Article Highlights

  • What luxury hotels stand to gain from using social media
  • Current trends in social media use by luxury hotels
  • The future of social media in luxury travels
  • How luxury travelers use social media to share their experience
  • Setbacks to the use of social media
  • Social media as a better alternative to traditional advertising.
  • How social media can help luxury travellers to make better decision.
  • Opportunity for luxury hotels to grow their guest list
  • Possibility of booking a hotel with social app
  • Cost of maintaining a social media page.

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