Kerala, a Perfect Place for a Romantic Getaway

Kerala, a Perfect Place for a Romantic Getaway
Kerala, a Perfect Place for a Romantic Getaway
October 27, 2016

The first thing that comes to your mind while planning for a romantic escapade is a walk on beaches with the gentle swishing sounds of the waves in the background and a romantic trip in a houseboat. Wonder where all this can come to life? Yes, that is right- the gods very own country, Kerala. Hold on to your seats as we are going to virtually transport you to some of the picks for a romantic getaway in Kerala.

Chembra Peak in Wayanad is a paradise for the newly married couple

Considered to be the highest point in the district of Wayanad, this mystic peak is the ideal honeymoon pick. The heart shaped lake which lies half way on the sway to the top is a sight to behold. This perennial lake has water throughout the year and the presence of mist adds to its beauty.

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The Treehouse is in the lookout of the Athirappilly Waterfalls

Athirappily Waterfalls is a picturesque place with luscious waterfalls cascading down amidst the dense forests. The Treehouse offers a breathtaking view of the panoramic surrounding. This is the ultimate spot to be with your beloved.

Tea gardens of Munnar will overwhelm your senses with ecstasy

Munnar is a popular destination among tourist enthusiasts. Located in the heart of Munnar, this vast stretch of lush greenery basking in mist and sunshine will melt your heart. There is no other place on earth you would want to be. This romantic getaway is a huge hit with couples.

A houseboat ferry is an added charm to the mystic land of Kumarakom

Imagine a cruise along the pristine backwaters of Alleppey that is nestled in the luscious dense forests. What more do you need to spend time with your loved ones in a houseboat. The trip can be an overwhelming experience as you cruise through the gentle backwaters with views of coconut trees standing tall and gently swaying its leaves. Monsoon is not a good time as the houseboats do not operate during heavy rain.

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Kerala cottages in Marari beach are rich with swimming pool

Marari beach is known for its sparkling blue waters and the amazing food that is served there. These individual cottages are designed in a traditional way to get the feel of Kerala and are in close proximity to beautiful beaches. These private cottages have swimming pools in every cottage and this experience can help in weaving good memories.

Beaches of Kovalam offer boundless joy and relax

Kovalam is known for its famous Kovalam beach which is flanked by a huge rock. You can go atop the cliff for a viewing in the lighthouse that promises to show you shoreline and the majestic Arabian Sea or just go for a stroll along the shores of the beach. The surrounding villages ooz oodles of cultural heritages. Indulge in herbal toning massages, swimming or just relax and bask in the scorching sun.

The floating cottages in Poovar sway the mind of the tourists

The silky golden sands of the Poovar beach along with the turquoise blue stretch of the Arabian Sea and the emerald green backwaters are like a painting on a canvas that has been brought to life. This is what the floating cottages offer. Your dream comes alive as the cottage sways through the gentle ripples of the water. This by all means is the most romantic destination on earth.

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Never miss the love in the air of Vagamon

Any romantic escapade will not be complete without putting you and your lover in the green meadows that have misty air. This is what Vagamon has to offer. The panoramic scenery is beyond words. The place attracts tourists from all over the world. Vagamon has many hills that have religious significance.

Kundala Dam in Munnar is perfect for romantic trip

Located just about 20 kilometers from the town of Munnar, Kundala is a place of enthralling beauty and a treat to the eyes of a photographer. The man made dam in Kundala is considered to be Asia’s first Arch dam. One can go for boating in this dam and the experience is out of the world, a must for those looking for a romantic outing. Kundala is bestowed with beautiful valleys and mountains. One can indulge in shikkara boating, row boating and even pedal boating.

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Article highlights

  • Kerala offers many places that are ideal destinations for a romantic escapade.
  • Chembra peak is a perfect place for couples.
  • The Treehouses that overlook the Athirappilly Falls offer a scenic view.
  • The tree gardens of Munnar are a lush green stretch of tea plantations.
  • The experience at the houseboat cruise offered in Kumarakom is one of a kind.
  • The traditional cottage in Marari is a secluded spot perfect for couples.
  • The beaches of Kovalam can let sparks fly.
  • The view from the floating waters in Kovalam is breathtaking.
  • Vagamon is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway.
  • The boating experience in Kundala Dam is overwhelming.

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