Likely Places Luxury Travelers Would Be in 2016

Likely Places Luxury Travelers Would Be in 2016
Likely Places Luxury Travelers Would Be in 2016
July 2, 2016

From New Year’s Eve of every year, luxury travelers are always scampering of the places to be. It has become a tradition that like infectious disease grips every new luxury traveler in the block. For US citizens, travels and vacations are one of the greatest events they look forward to every year. Many families save up to five percent of their monthly income in order to afford a good vacation in a serene (often strange land) late in the year.

Which country will attract more travelers?

It is easy to stand and make speculations and bring out figures of country one thinks would attract the most travellers but this figure will be good as useless without a substantial backing. To be sure of their statistics, Resonance had 1,667 luxury travellers interviewed on their possible travel destination in 2016. The result they obtained as published in the 2016 Luxury Travel Report was a little surprising.

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Travel Report – Most will visit Mexico in 2016

From the report of the test carried out, it was discovered that Mexico seems to be doing something spectacular since it ranked top with a total of 26% of travelers opting to travel to the country. Mexico was closely followed by Canada and Italy which pulled 24% of vote each.

Surprisingly, Germany and Bahamas won’t be seeing much of visitors this year compared to what it used to be in the past. Both countries had only 14% of the total 1,667 sampled populace of luxury travelers agreeing to give them a nod.

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Australia and U.S Virgin Island came at the bottom of the top ten list with 12 and 11 percent of luxury travellers considering to give them a nod. This projections – though not absolute – tends to show that some of the countries needs to step up their luxury travel drives if they wish to keep enjoying the revenue they have been getting from the sector.

Mexico is a preferred destination for its high end resorts

Mexico in the last few years resuscitated many of her high end resorts for example the Resort at Pedregal, Rosewood’s Las Ventanas al Paraiso and several others. Also, there is a huge luxury tourism development at Baja California Peninsula, an initiative that began after the 2014 Hurricane that devastated the region.

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There are also established brands like the Four Season who are not relenting in expanding their boundaries. Some of Mexico’s efforts have become a yardstick for many nations who now look to emulate the effort they have put in. The government of certain countries for example the Anguilla has set aside funds solely for the development of luxury travel.

Attracting more luxury travelers requires government and media attention

There are ways countries at the bottom of the log can attract more luxury visitors but it is not going to happen magically without the hard work. Governments of such countries must be ready to match words with action in terms of financing luxury apartments.

Also, the media can be a vital tool which these countries can use to advertise the little they already have to the world. If they don’t blow their trumpet, who will?

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Article highlights

  • The quest for new luxury destination kicks in as early as new year’s eve for luxury travelers.
  • Vacation is a crucial part of many US families.
  • Some families save up to 5% of their income for travels.
  • Speculating the top luxury destinations without a statistical backing is useless.
  • Mexico will attract 26% luxury travelers in 2016.
  • Germany and Bahamas will only see about 14% luxury travelers.
  • Australia will have very low amount of luxury travelers.
  • The development in Mexico has become a yardstick to many countries.
  • Government of countries that plan to increase their luxury travel drive must be ready to invest.
  • The media can be used to promote the country to the world.

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