List of Items You Should Carry on a Luxury Trip

List of Items You Should Carry on a Luxury Trip
List of Items You Should Carry on a Luxury Trip
April 11, 2016

Every trip raises some level of excitement – be it a tour or a vacation. There are basic items you should never forget to carry while going on a luxury trip because trying to get them on the way may be hazardous. Moreover, it may put unnecessary strain on your pocket whereas their usefulness on such tours cannot be overemphasized. Have a look at the following list to make sure if any of the following is missing.

1. A Digital Camera

It is not just your day to day digital camera but one with a good configuration that you should carry with you on a trip. Pictures and videos are the best way to show your friends the quality of time you have had. It is also the best way to preserve memories. A camera with a good zoom will give you the power to capture distant objects without much distortion to their quality. A blurry picture will most definitely not get you the desired attention.

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2. Adaptor plug heads

Different countries have different ports or sockets for their plug heads. An adaptor comes with varied configurations that will allow you to plug in your gadgets in several countries. It is good to research your destination country to avoid losing contact because you are unable to charge your batteries.

3. Solar powered power bank

Sometimes your phone may run out of power because you are in the middle of nowhere and cannot access a power outlet. At such times, a solar powered backup battery will help you in crisis keeping your mobile phone charged and you in touch.

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4. Water bottle

If you are cautious of your health, a water bottle is one essential item you should carry along. Carry a water bottle that works like a vacuum flask so that you can carry clean water at the exact temperature you would like it. There are trendy water bottles that draw attention to you when you flaunt them.

5. Well stuffed lunch box

 If you are uncertain of how long you will spend on the road, there is a need to have a well-packed lunch box. There are times when you would make your calculations but then mechanical faults or other hitches come in the way of your plans to cause delays. Hence, a lunch box is a must. 

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6. Mouth spray

 If you anticipate a long flight, get a hold of a good mouth spray. You wouldn’t want to be talking and have people shielding themselves from the line of your breath because you have got a bad breath. Brushing your teeth is one of the many things you may not have time and space to do till touch down.

7. A gold-plated wrist watch

Gold is the color for class and a mark of respect. You need to keep track of your time at least and a gold-plated watch might be the best choice. Analogue watches may be prone to water damage but you need something that is rugged and that won’t interfere with your fun. Rolex brands of watches perfectly suit such conditions. 

8. Paper towels

If you would have kids on board, then there is a need for paper towels to clean up their mess. Children will always be childish and derive joy from spilling things and you can do little to stop that.

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Article highlights

  • Some items that are indispensable to carry on a luxury trip
  • Paper towels is a must if kids are on board
  • Compare luxury and necessity
  • A wrist watch has several benefits
  • You need a mouth spray on long flights
  • It is a good idea to carry your lunch box
  • You need a backup power for your devices
  • Keep your water at the right temperature
  • Cameras will help you preserve memories
  • Universal adaptor plugs will help you to charge your device in any country

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