Luxurious Sailing Experience aboard the Dunia Baru in Indonesia

Luxurious Sailing Experience aboard the Dunia Baru in Indonesia
Luxurious Sailing Experience aboard the Dunia Baru in Indonesia
September 6, 2016

The Indonesian archipelago is known to have seventeen thousand islands – that is tremendous! Although sixteen thousand out of these are inhabited, they still provide magnificent uniqueness between them. Each set of islands possesses its personal charm and beauty featuring some of the world’s best vibrant cultures, top diving sites, solitudes and many more. Explore beautiful rainforests, visit accommodating local villages, and discover the solidarity of nature both on land and underwater while experiencing luxury on the Dunia Baru.

The magnificent luxury yacht Dunia Baru is an amazing invention

This great Indonesian-style super yacht was initially worked with family, companions and future experiences in mind. The venture took about eight years, but despite all the troubles, the outcome was justified. The Dunia Baru sets another standard for Indonesian manufactured boats, both in extravagance and security.

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You can make fun of any kind you like onboard the Dunia Baru

While sailing on the Dunia Baru, you are offered the opportunity to enjoy everything irrespective of your interests or pace. Every day on the Dunia Baru normally begins with freshly baked pastries or bread along with brewed espresso. If you love diving, the dive instructor is always ready to guide you snorkeling or diving.

Recreational activities are still open for friends and family

Even though snorkeling and diving are the popular choices for fun onboard, they are not the only options. You have the opportunity to get on an inflatable high speed boat race with family and friends onboard while sailing. It is no doubt a wonderful and memorable experience.

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The yacht is perfect for exploring the ocean

The Alor Archipelago is a very rare destination for outstanding diving experiences that offer the presence of thriving and beautiful marine life. This rare spot is always available for people onboard the Dunia Baru to have the times of their lives. With a unique beauty featuring over 1,000 species of fish, divers will definitely have fun on their explorations.

Have a luxurious retreat on board

Travelers on board the Dunia Baru have the opportunity to have a retreat of luxury at emerald islands on the east of Flores. Some times while on trips to Raja Ampat or any other place east of Flores, travelers might not find any other boats or western life around them.

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One can also have outstanding land exploration experiences in Indonesian islands

Lombok, Bali and the Komodo islands in Indonesia provide travelers with some of the best exploration experiences in the world. From trekking and wildlife encounters to understanding local culture and climbing volcanic peaks, you will definitely be recording some life experiences you can never forget.

Bali Island excels in providing exquisite dining experiences

Bali is definitely Indonesia’s number one dining center either for local street foods or exquisite cuisines. The local food is usually pigs steamed with local spices, herbs and roots. Travelers visiting and dining at Bali are always quick to share their wonderful experiences. How memorable those experiences are!

The perfect sailing periods are usually summer and autumn

The months of March, April, September and October are the best period for cruising between the islands. Amid this time, the wind and oceans are commonly at their calmest.

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Article highlights

  • The Indonesian archipelago boasts of about seventeen thousand islands of which 16,000 are inhabited.
  • Travelers sailing along the east Flores are offered exclusiveness at its very best!
  • The charm of traveling Indonesian islands mostly depends on the luxury sway on The Dania Baru.
  • The Dunia Baru took eight years to be completely constructed.
  • One can enjoy fun and recreation for days with family and friends on this entertaining yacht.
  • Bali, Indonesia’s top dining center provides travelers with exquisite meals which range from local foods to classic meals.
  • From memorable snorkeling to fun diving experiences, sailing on the Dunia Baru provides numerous fun activities.
  • Some of the best land exploration experiences are found in Komodo Islands, Bali and Lombok in Indonesia.
  • April, March, September and October are the best times of the year to go sailing as the winds and ocean are calmest.
  • Travelers on the Dunia Baru have an opportunity to explore the Alor Archipelago, a very uncommon and exclusive destination.

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