Luxury Hotel in an Airplane

Each time you think you have seen it all as a luxury traveller, one thing pops up the next minute that makes you realize that you will never see it all, perhaps till you die even. There have been hotels built into the sea like the one in Dubai. There have been floating castles and those that graze the top of mountains. What is new is the hotel embedded right inside a plane.

Etihad Airways is offering this service.

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What does it look like?

If you have an idea of what a plane looks like, then, that is all you need to be able to reason out this crazy invention. This is a plane in every aspect – and that means it can fly – that has all you can get when you check into a luxury suit. It is more like living in the air. This plane-hotel has all the apartments that there are in a luxury hotel but this one is better or rather, more luxurious than the rest of them because it can fly.

A bedroom

The bedroom has a giant sized bed that fits into a corner, leaving only a tiny walkway by the side. The sheets are sparkling and there is also an Eskimo type blanket in case you get all chilly. The bedroom is brightly lit by two LED bulbs at the top, near the head of the bed. What is more is that while lying down, you can still enjoy the exterior view from the crisscrossed window of the plane.

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A Lounge

The lounge can accommodate three to five people at a time – depending on their size. The leather sofa and the exquisite decoration are jaw-dropping and nothing short of marvel. In the lounge, you can treat yourself to entertainment in the large television hanging on the wall. The lounge is more than a place for relaxation but a mini paradise.

A bathroom

Gone are the days when you will get down a plane and smell like a fish that has just being smoked especially after a long journey. With the luxury hotel in the plane, you can have a shower in a bathroom that has all that has to do with luxury. The toilet too can keep you grounded for hours if you are one of those that get burst of inspiration while emptying your bowel.

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Other available treats

It is not over yet. There is also a chilled mini bar where you can party to the best of Italian whiskey or the legendary champagne brewed from the best breweries across the globe. The size of the wardrobe can be a little too much you may think for a plane and you will get to be served by a personal butler.

Cost of flying the plane-hotel

When the idea of a hotel in a plane came up, the architects never had everyone in mind. The plane was designed to quench the taste of the rich who are willing to spend for the odd reasons. A straight trip from Abu Dhabi to London on the luxury plane is put at an estimated twelve thousand pounds (£12,000). If you have the means then you are welcomed to have a taste.

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Article highlights

  • The world of luxury travel keep expanding before our very eyes.
  • Hotels have been built in many places and ways that defy technology.
  • The amazing catch now is a hotel in a plane.
  • This is a plane in every respect – and that means it can fly.
  • The bedroom has a giant sized bed that fits into a corner, leaving only a tiny walkway by the side.
  • The lounge can accommodate three to five people at a time – depending on their size.
  • Gone are the days when you cannot take your bath while in a plane.
  • It also has a mini bar and a personal butler.
  • A flight from Abu Dhabi to London on the plane is estimated at £12,000.
  • The luxury plane is the perfect definition of luxury on the go.

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