Luxury Hotels and the New-Wave of Social Media

Luxury Hotels and the New-Wave of Social Media
Luxury Hotels and the New-Wave of Social Media
September 13, 2016

Some luxury hotels are yet to realize how they can use social media to rack up customers. Those, who have realized this, get millions of hit on their social media and blog which also jacks up their revenue. Having a good social media presence will make the hotel be among the first to pop up whenever a customer performs a random search on Google. Customer trend is changing and more customers now prefer to research their destination and possibly book for hotel reservations ahead of time.

How to Increase Social Media Presence

The first step to increasing social media presence is to specialize on a particular niche. Specialization can be demonstrated as stacking up pieces of papers containing the same information on the same spot. Gradually, they will become visible. The same concept applies here. There are other ways this can be done and they include;

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1. Embellish your posts with pictures

A good and picture says more than a thousand words. Some luxury hotels put their fate in the hands of photo journalists but it may not always be enough. You could pick up interesting pictures from the internet and ask for permission to use them.

2. Search Engine Optimization

A small research will help you to understand those words that are constantly being searched. When you have found those words, fill your post with them, creatively, without making your post sound likespam.

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3. Encourage likes and shares

There is a way Google algorithm works. Posts that receive the most shares, likes, +1 for Google Plus and so on are termed more relevant by Google Algorithm and they will pop up first when people search for similar content.

Luxury Hotels with efficiently embedded social media to use

One of the major advantages of using social media to expand customer base is that it is not limited by distance and the message remains there for eternity unless you pull it down unlike newspaper that get recycled after each day. There are luxury hotels already maximizing social media and the list is as follows in no particular order;

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1. Majorca Sol Wave House

This hotel has gained notoriety as the ‘Twitter Hotel’ (@SolWaveHouse) because of the effective way they use the platform. The hotel is painted blue and white to mimic the color of the social media up to the swimming pool. Guests can interact, make booking and call room service using hash tags through their specially designed twitter app. Followers and guests can win freebies every Friday when pool party is held by following the hash tag (#TwitterPoolParty).

2. Las Vegas MGM Grand

MGM Grand uses social media to display their cuisine and the beautiful atmosphere of Las Vegas through exotic pictures and beautifully edited videos. They provide guests with interactive app which allows them share pictures and reward those who put up creative pictures and videos.

There are various hotels that have utilized the power of social media and they include Marriott Hotels, The Hamilton Hotel in Australia, The Octavos Hotel and so on.

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Article Highlights

  • Benefits of luxury hotels using social media
  • How social media can help hotels expand their customer base
  • List of hotels already using social media effectively
  • How to increase social media relevance
  • Expansion areas luxury hotels should consider
  • Ways posts can be made more attractive
  • Why social media ad is better than print media
  • Tips to break into the Google SEO optimization
  • How some luxury hotels engage their guests with social media
  • How to combine social media and luxury for further improvement of luxury tourism.

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