Luxury Tourism Business Evolves with Blue Origin

Luxury Tourism Business Evolves with Blue Origin
Luxury Tourism Business Evolves with Blue Origin
April 29, 2016

Luxury travel has always been about exploring the earth and beyond and most importantly, moving to the places that not just everyone can afford to go. Different countries have developed their tourism to the point that they have become a big plus to their GDP. The history of tourism dates back to ancient Greek but it was more of a spiritual exercise. Over the years, the limit of luxury travel has kept expanding likewise the definition of luxury travel and lifestyle. The sector is about to witness another groundbreaking expansion which will be spearheaded by Blue Origin’s creation.

What does Blue Origin represent?

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Blue Origin is one of the technological corporations founded by Jeff Bezos, championing the possibility of having commercial vehicles for sending people to space which would also enhance the study of solar system and give space teachings a practical meaning. They aim at expanding the number of people that can make it to space at a go. New Shepherd space vehicle is one of their early creatures.

What is New Shepherd Space Vehicle?

New Shepherd Space Vehicle is a mimic of the space rocket. It has two parts; a crew capsule for the astronauts (can carry up to six astronauts) and a rocket booster which is powered by a BE-3 liquid hydrogen and oxygen made in America. It can go up to an altitude of one hundred kilometers which is the internationally recognized boundary of space. What makes this space vehicle different from the rest is that it can be reused.

How the New Shepherd Space Vehicle work

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To lift it off the ground, the BE-3 engine produces a thrust of up to one hundred and ten thousand pounds. As the spaceship accelerates into the atmosphere, the astronauts will experience three times the force of gravity. The capsule will then separate from the booster so that the occupants will experiences several minutes of weightlessness before the capsule starts to descend. When it comes back into the atmosphere, astronauts will experience gravity at five times more force. Three parachutes will be deployed for landing. The booster will be guided to the landing pad where it will reignite the BE-3 engine to slow down the vehicle to as low as 4.4 mph for a gentle touch down.

Success recorded by the New Shepherd Space Vehicle

On the 24 of November 2015, Blue Origin released a report that its New Shepherd Space Vehicle has successfully completed a space trip where it reached an altitude of 329,839 feet and returned to its launch pad in West Texas. The launch which took place a day earlier was a moment of truth for the company and its success will open up new worlds for humans.

How luxury travel will come into the picture

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When the invention goes commercial, it would definitely come at a cost. Luxury travelers will then have the option of exploring the outer space as part of their experience by booking for space before they even arrive in West Texas. This move will also attract more travellers to West Texas especially those who are curious about the whole invention.

Article highlights:

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  • How luxury travel is evolving from what it used to be
  • The tourism potentials of theNew Shepherd Space Vehicle
  • How safe is the New Shepherd Space Vehicle
  • Benefits of the New Shepherd Space Vehicle to West Texas
  • Brief history of Leisure travels
  • Effect of leisure travels on the economy of the host nation
  • Report on the successful test of the New Shepherd Space Vehicle
  • Working principle of the New Shepherd Space Vehicle
  • The brains behind the New Shepherd Space Vehicle
  • Why the New Shepherd Space Vehicle can be reused

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