Major Highlights of Luxury Cyprus Holidays

Major Highlights of Luxury Cyprus Holidays
Major Highlights of Luxury Cyprus Holidays
September 23, 2016

Historical sites, sublime mountainscapes and golden sands- Cyprus is far more than just being a wonderful beach destination. The place offers extended days of bright sunshine all throughout the year. It serves as the perfect choice for individuals who look for the summer sun. It is also the best option for sunny winter escapes. Visitors in Cyprus can enjoy at the beaches and savor lip-smacking delicacies from throughout the world. They can even get their hiking shoes and discover the Aphrodite’s island.

Cyprus is scintillating

Cyprus is one of the best holiday favorites for people across the world. This is all because of its ancient sights, up-tempo nightlife and sandy beaches. It is a place that attracts everyone from clubbers to families. Lively resorts and beautiful beaches fringe the entire island. If you happen to visit inland, you will come across hidden hamlets, scenic mountains and sleepy villages as well.

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There are some top attractions in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island nation with colorful and vibrant seaside cities and towns and idyllic beaches. The ancient history of this place is mesmerizing. It has got all the entertainment and adventure needed for guaranteeing an engrossing and comfortable stay for the visitors. There are many adventurous things to do in Cyprus. Visitors at this place can also engage in trekking and water sports across the inland mountains.

Cyprus offers fine dining and drinks

There are a number of traditional and authentic dishes that can be enjoyed in Cyprus. The place offers flavorsome and diverse cuisine for the visitors. Cypriot mezes are delightful and delicious. Apart from this, visitors can also enjoy tapas comprising of fish and meat. The wonderful cheese called halloumi is also one of the best dishes of this place.

Adventure and action is also available in Cyprus

There are many adventurous things that can be done in Cyprus. There are things that can get the visitors active. Adventure sports and activities can be enjoyed across the landscapes and even in water. There are many water sports offered to the people staying close to the beaches. These sports include boating, snorkeling and diving.

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Fun time for the family

Cyprus is the perfect family holiday destination. This place is in no ways short of the things that can be enjoyed with the entire family. Beach holidays in Cyprus are perfect for families. Here the whole family can indulge in fancy splashing in the water or in chilling out on the golden sands. Families can even get active with a plethora of sporting options.

Cyprus boasts of rich history and culture

Apart from offering beach indulgence and party vibes, Cyprus also accommodates a wonder-filled and engrossing history. The ancient history of this place offers the perfect balance for people looking to enjoy beach lounging along with historical and cultural exploration. There are some great sites that offer visitors a close look into the history of this island nation.

Invigorating nightlife is also a feature of Cyprus

This island nation does not fall behind when it comes to counting the major party hubs in this region. The party venues of Cyprus draw large crowds and visitors in search of perfect revelry. The city has everything to offer to its visitors starting from top clubs and cheap drinks to bustling bars.

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November is the best time to visit the island nation

Cyprus boasts of a subtropical climate. It has year-round sunshine. You cannot visit this place during the months between May and September because it is extremely hot here. Months between April and November would be the best time to visit Cyprus.

Car hire is the best option

A car hire would be the best option to get around Cyprus comfortably and safely. It is also to be noted that the lenient driving regulations and the well-maintained roads in Cyprus make it easy for the travelers to explore the entire island.

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Article Highlights

  • Cyprus is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world.
  • The ancient sights and the sandy beaches make Cyprus a visitor’s favorite.
  • The place has everything needed for offering a great stay.
  • Traditional dishes are best enjoyed in Cyprus.
  • There is no dearth of action and adventure in Cyprus.
  • The perfect location for family holidays.
  • Cyprus has a rich ancient history.
  • Nightlife in Cyprus is absolutely wonderful.
  • November would be the best time to visit Cyprus.
  • Car hire is the best option for exploring the island.

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