Most Attractive Places in South America for the Luxury Travelers

Most Attractive Places in South America for the Luxury Travelers
Most Attractive Places in South America for the Luxury Travelers
May 16, 2016

If you are planning to travel South American nations, you must be craving for visiting the most attractive places. The mesmerizing beauty of South American landscape will leave you spellbound. This continent has 12 countries, each of which has a unique charm and characteristics in its beautiful natural landscapes.

1. Gear up for an adventure to the Amazon

Amazon is the most alluring luxury place to travel to when in South America. You will find a lot more things to do in the Amazon than just visiting the forest and the river. We all know that the Amazon River is one of the biggest in the world, surrounded by a rainforest that is home to a vast diversity of plants and animals. If you’re an adventure and wildlife lover, you’ll certainly not get disheartened in the Amazon.

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One of the most luxurious activities to opt for is to navigate through the wide stretch of the water on a river cruise and experience the real beauty of nature. When you avail a river cruise service on the Amazon river, you are offered with the best of gourmet dining. and luxurious suites that will let you relax after you’ve explored every bit of the forest.

2. Visit the Galapagos Island – don’t miss it!

When you’re in South America, visiting the Galapagos Island must be there on the top of your list. A luxury traveler will definitely not want to miss visiting this Island. You can experience the most of your travel as you explore the Galapagos wildlife and its amazing geography. The island is a highly protected region of the Ecuador and can only be explored by those who can afford it.

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You can hire a small ship cruiser, that’ll take you around 20 major islands of the continent. All of the three boutique Galapagos cruises offer you a huge and lavish cabin that has all the modern amenities equipped. You can also indulge your senses in the on board Jacuzzis that definitely makes your visit memorable.

3. Enliven your senses along the trek to Machu Picchu

Trekking along the Inca Trail to reach the top of Machu Picchu is another place you must visit when in South America. Well, if the thought of camping doesn’t inspire you, then there’s definitely an alternative to it. You can always consider a short Inca Trail journey that lasts for 2 days. This includes a day of intense hiking and then relaxing in a hotel of your choice in AguasCalientes.

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You can also opt for a luxurious 7 day Salkantay Trek that gives you an opportunity to explore the picturesque valleys while you stay in the mountain lodges. In case you prefer a train ride, then book a first-class rail journey on the Hiram Bingham and travel in the romantic heritage style.

4. Iguazu waterfalls – a heaven on earth

Last but not the least, a visit to the Iguazu waterfalls will truly make you feel the presence of divinity. The falls is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. Book a stay at the Sheraton Hotel in Argentina and then you can get a view from its room, dining area, or while you relax in the Belmond DasCataratas in Brazil.

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Article Highlights

  • South America, a country full of beautiful natural landscapes that’s truly mesmerizing.
  • Exploring the Amazon is a must-do when in South America.
  • The water of the river and the wildlife in the rainforest cannot be missed.
  • Booking a cruise ride on the river, is one of the most luxurious experience.
  • Visiting the 13 major islands of the continent on a cruise that features on board Jacuzzis lets you relax after a long day’s trip.
  • Machu Picchu is one of the well-known treks of Peru, in South America.
  • The trek can also be enjoyed with those who are not so inspired of camping.
  • A view to the Iguazu waterfalls from the Sheraton Hotel in Argentina or Belmond DasCataratas in Brazil is the most amazing experience.

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