Moves That Cruisers Anticipate When on a Luxury Cruise

Moves That Cruisers Anticipate When on a Luxury Cruise
Moves That Cruisers Anticipate When on a Luxury Cruise
May 4, 2016

If you are proud of yourself as a luxury traveler and you have not indulged on a cruise ship travel, then you are probably yet to become one. As 2016 unfolds, key players in the cruise industry (the travel agents) have begun to ask travel advisors some of the cruise moves they would want to change in a bid to further develop the luxury cruise industry.

There have been rumored changes in the administration of the cruise industry; however, some of these changes have been greeted with some level of skepticism with everyone voicing their reaction to the purported changes. Some of the reactions have been highlighted below.

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Changes in the helm of affairs

One of the remarkable changes which swept the industry by surprise was the appointment of former president of Reagen Seven Seas, Mark Conroy as the new head of Silversea Cruises Miami with a key role for the Americans.

This followed the exit from the company of the former vice president and general manager, Kristian Anderson. The ultra-luxury line which is owned by one of the reputable Italian family, Lefebvre family now to be run by Mark Conroy received positive reactions.

Encomium came from the Mary Jean Thompson saying, “Mark Conroy is very well respected by travel advisors and, more importantly, his personal relationship with past cruise guests”. She recalled how her clients sailed with Conroy where they got the chance to ask him about his visions. Mary ended by saying that at a point they never knew he would return.

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Reactions to the change in the head of Silversea Cruises Miami

Cruise planners and American Express Travel Representative, Coral Springs, Florida co-owner, Vicky Garcia said she was surprised to have Mark back. She said he is a great guy and one of the brains in the luxury market. She believes that he would help stir the industry to a greater height.

President of Unique Travel of Palm Beach, Sally Goldwasser, didn’t mince words in expressing her excitement at the new appointment. Sally also recounted how Silversea was a top choice cruise company before they ran into trouble and believed Conroy would turn things around.

From Conroy point of view, Silversea needs to continue on the part it is already threading while keeping to the product goal to make sure it is where it is meant to be. He also emphasized the need to listen to travel advisors on the need to look at how to improve the company together.

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Resuscitation of the Crystal Cruise

Crystal cruise last year got a breath of life when it was bought over by a Hong Kong based company called Genting Hong Kong at a whopping $550 million. The once glorious ship still has the fastest passenger liner that crosses the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, this ship has been wasting in the Philadelphia Delware River for over two decades.

The tales of the smaller luxury ships

When cruise is mentioned, the attention of luxury travellers mostly shifts to big ships but the smaller ships also have a role to play. Small ship owners are now calling to be a part of sea ports. As the world of tourism is expanding, so does the meaning of luxury ship travel.

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Article highlights

  • It is paramount for luxury travelers to enter cruise ship.
  • Smaller ships have a major role to play in the tourism industry.
  • Genting Hong Kong bought over Crystal cruise at a whopping $550 million.
  • Mark Conroy was appointed as the new head of Silversea Cruises.
  • People have expressed their satisfaction for the appointment of Conroy.
  • Conroy is focused on bringing the company to where it used to be.
  • Conroy expressed the need to work with tour advisors to build the industry.
  • Those who bared their mind on the appointment of Conroy thought he would not return.
  • Crystal Cruise is the fastest passenger liner on the Atlantic ocean.
  • Conroy has been described by many as a great guy.

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