One Percent of Travelers That Tend to Live Better

One Percent of Travelers That Tend to Live Better
One Percent of Travelers That Tend to Live Better
July 2, 2016

Have you ever imagined what goes on in the heads of the wealthiest men in the US? Have you thought of where the luxury travelers love to go, their best hotels and what they consider as their most favorable hotel amenities? If that has been bothering you, then, you may find this post really interesting.

Take a break at Four Seasons

A research by Resonance Luxury Travel Report has shown that Four Seasons seems to be the preferred hotel destination of most wealthy men in the US. Added to that, their most favorite hotel amenity is obviously Wi-Fi. The reason why it seems they outlive us is that they place great value on once in a lifetime treat. In other words, they know the value of taking a break.

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Luxury travelers value fitness centers most

It is not really about traveling alone, the rich have also developed a culture of exercise and fitness. 2016 Resonance Luxury Travel Report had 1,667 luxury travelers interviewed and it was discovered that the top one percent of travelers (the very rich) valued fitness centers and will visit one on their journey, unlike the rest five percent travelers who seem not to care.

This fact has been noted by luxury hotels which now tend to incorporate fitness centers into their facility. In addition, they have developed fitness programs that luxury travelers can fit into while on their journey.

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Fitness equipments provided in hotel rooms in US

There is a program by the Westin Brand called the runWESTIN. This program secured partnership with New Balance and what they do is to provide guests with the opportunity of 3 to 5 miles of routine run either individually or selected groups led by a concierge.

This is also milking money for them, the luxury hoteliers, because in 2015, at the hotel’s Grand Central in New York City, over two thousand guests voluntarily paid five dollars for the new pair of sneakers and clothes to be delivered to their rooms. All in all, there was a sixteen percent increase in guest interest for the program, year over year as of last year.

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Exclusive gym opportunities available in luxury resorts

The fitness regime of Four Seasons may be the reason why it is the choice pick among luxury travelers. In their LA location, there are over 200 workout videos that can be done in-room. Hikes are also frequently organized by the hotel to nearby Runyon Canyon led by a trainer. The Four Season LA’s fitness regimen is also the only exclusive outdoor gym that would be organized by a hotel.

There is also the EVEN hotel which generally focuses on health. The hotel which opened in 2014 and owned by InterContinental Hotel Group has spas, and every room is provided with a training zone including mats, foam rollers, exercise balls and 19 videos and guides.

Rich travelers pride in sound health

It was on report by the New York Times that the small 1 percent of top travelers pride themselves to be in top health than the rest seventy five percent of everyone else. Also, 85 percent of them are optimistic of living up to four scores which cannot be said of the rest of us.

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Article highlights

  • Four Seasons is one of the best ranked luxury hotels in US.
  • Modern amenities like Wi-Fi, fitness tools are incorporated in the luxury resorts.
  • The rich travelers have developed a culture of exercise and fitness nowadays.
  • Many 5 star hotels are developing fitness programs for the guests.
  • runWESTIN arranges a 3 to 5 miles of routine run for their guests either individually or selected groups led by a concierge.
  • Luxury hotels are making money from fitness programs as well.
  • In 2015, Grand Central guests paid $5 to have sneakers delivered to their rooms.
  • The fitness regime of Four Seasons is a major attraction of luxury travelers.
  • EVEN hotel is another example that prioritizes health issues of the boarders.
  • According to New York Times, only 1 percent of top travelers pride themselves to be in top health.

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