Restaurants in the Alps That Will Make You Thrilled

Restaurants in the Alps That Will Make You Thrilled
Restaurants in the Alps That Will Make You Thrilled
May 4, 2016

Climbing to mountain tops is already a source of excitement talk more of having a restaurant sit comfortably on the Alps. This is becoming a common sight especially as technology keeps growing beyond boundaries. However, some of these restaurants outclass the others in craftiness and style and we cannot deny the fact that they are worth a mention any time any day. Some of these outstanding restaurants are listed below.

1. Get charmed by the scenery of Chez Vrony

Located along Piste, Switzerland, Chez Vrony started as a small farm house bearing the history of the past century. The hotel currently owned by Vrony and Max Cotting-Julen rises from the remote mountains to become the cynosure of global tourists thereby discrediting its humble beginning.

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If you had had the opportunity to observe it from the ski booth that is just close by six years ago, you would marvel at the level of transformation it has gone through in so short a time. The welcome you would receive is warming and you would always have a reason to return.

2. Bel Air, Courchevel cannot be forgotten in a hurry

Bel Air lies next to the Bel Air cable car station. The restaurant can be reached by ski or by foot (about 10 m walk) and you are allowed to either dine in the hotel’s luxurious rooms with state of the art interior decoration or you may decide to dine outside while having a peep at the beautiful blue sky. What you will find more exhilarating at Bel Air is their extensive menu and the level of professionalism ebbed in their quality of service. For anyone who has made skiing a hobby and peradventure skies at Courchevel, you have no reason not to visit Bel Air.

3. Small but cozy and well placed Franz & Heidi

Switzerland seems to be the home of hotels with classical views. Franz & Heidi is a small but comfortable restaurant with an inside that spreads more than charm and fragrance of sensual coherence. The food and wine is a whole new story that leaves behind the sweet pleasures of longing. You will get a good, fair and decent service here. Since it is located on the Alps, climbing up is always some sort of exhausting work if you decide to take a walk but going away is the exact opposite; a merry glide. The only reason not to be here is if you don’t ski in Zermatt.

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4. Have a little wine at HospizAlm

HospizAlm is one of the restaurants in the St. Anton region of Austria which you would never regret visiting. The decorations are so colorful and inviting and as well not lacking in artistic creativity. A visit to the wine cellar will make you doubt the list of countries that are good wine producers you have seen peradventure Austria was not on the list.

The menu is vast, encompassing various meals so that everyone will have something to take. There is also a photo gallery of visitors who have become more than family. Smokers will enjoy this place because everyone is encouraged to smoke big Havana bar side.

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Article highlights

  • Restaurants located on the Alps provide a pleasant view.
  • Luxury travelers to Austria are encouraged to smoke bike Havana.
  • The services provided by restaurants on the Alps are pleasant and charming.
  • Most of the restaurants on the Alps have a vast menu.
  • Wine appears to be the sweetest in Austria.
  • Switzerland has many restaurants situated on the Alps.
  • Alps restaurants are also great places for skiing.
  • Chez Vrony used to be a small rustic farm house some centuries ago.
  • Restaurants on the Alps are usually very easy to spot but it takes a great deal to get to them.
  • One similarity among the restaurants found on the Alps is their lavish finish.

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