The Greatest Day Trips to Visit Rome

The Greatest Day Trips to Visit Rome
The Greatest Day Trips to Visit Rome
May 4, 2016

Rome in Italy is a great city to be. Besides the weather that is most often cozy, there are also great architectural monuments that feed the eyes from one point to another. Preparing for Rome can take the wind out of their sails because at some point, you may even become confused on what to carry and what not to. There is a way to walk around the situation as always, Right?

Former Rome’s seaport still stands tall

Ostia used to be Rome’s seaport until a drop in sea level coupled with a faulty plan in the sitting necessitated it be moved to about 3 kilometers from the sea. Using the metro station from Rome, it takes about 45 minutes to get there. There are also denuded houses scattered in the area one of them is the house of cupid and psyche which is richly marbled.

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Assisi; the home of the famous St. Francis

It is hard to mention Assisi without calling to min the popular St. Francis. Assisi is about two hours ride from Rome if you decide to go by train. Some of the remarkable places to see in the ancient city are the religious sites.

You can take your journey to the cobblestone street which leads to the great cathedral, the eternal resting home of St. Francis. Other unforgettable sites include Pizza del Cmune, St. Claire’s Basilica and Church of Santa Maria.

The town of Orvieto, close to the volcanic rock

When your train arrives at the Umbria region, you could decide to head to Orvieto rather than making the trip to Assisi. The town is situated on a big chunk of volcanic rock and distinct. It is the host to one of Italy’s finest cathedral, the Duomo.

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There are also elaborate tunnels over 3000 years old carved out of the volcanic rocks by Etruscans as a means of escape. The oldest church in the city, The San Giovenal is also worth a visit. Time spent in this region will always be a well spent time and an avenue for discovery.

You have a chance to make a two days or one day trip to Tivoli

Two of the amazing sites in the little town of Tivoli are just one hour away from Rome. These are the Hadrian villa and the Villa d’Este. Many tourists often prefer to explore both regions in two days but naturally; they would take two days for an exclusive tour. Tourists are treated to the lavishness of Rome here.

The place to spend a full day if you have one

It would require a full day to totally explore the island of Capri. To get there, you will first need a train ride from Rome to Naples then the rest of the journey will be concluded on the boat. There are assorted shops, foods and café to browse once on the beautiful island.

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Have a little retreat while in Rome

It shouldn’t be all about sightseeing, at the end of the day you may need to relax and reflect on all you have done throughout the day. Positano and Amalfi Coast is the perfect place to have such retreat. Bask in the Mediterranean sun and get swept away by the waterfall.

Get to the place that has been on your cinema for long

Pompeii is one of the places that have been on the screen for long and it would be a shame to round up your stay in Rome without paying a visit to this region that has it all.

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Article highlights

  • Rome is always full of activities and there are great places to visit.
  • Positano and Amalfi Coat are the best places to take a retreat.
  • Pompeii is one of the most popular places in Rome.
  • It would take a full day to explore Capri island.
  • There are also elaborate tunnels over 3000 years old carved out of the volcanic rocks in orvieto
  • Rome is a link to many of the great Italian cities.
  • San Giovenal is the oldest church in Orvieto.
  • Ostia used to be Rome’s seaport but it was changed due to lowered water level.
  • Duomo is Italy’s finest cathedral.
  • It is hard to mention Assisi without calling to mind the popular St. Francis.

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