The Luxurious ROX STAR is Now Available for Hire

The Luxurious ROX STAR is Now Available for Hire
The Luxurious ROX STAR is Now Available for Hire
July 4, 2016

The ROX STAR, a new and improved luxury yacht is now available for hire or charter purposes in the Eastern Mediterranean. Built in 2015, this wonderful cruise yacht features a style combination of both traditional quality and modern design. The ROX STAR is definitely not the average cruise ship. It is also an avenue for everyone to enjoy holidays and sailing at its best.

Slick and Innovative structural design

This great luxury ship was innovated on drawing sheets and boards of the prestigious in-house naval architects of Oguz Marine. The ROX STAR boasts of a beautiful black colored hull that matches perfectly with the sails and deck house colors. Moreover her external scores not just because of a chic hull shade, but also with an optimized ample space, divided into different sections to improve privacy and comfort. ROX STAR caters for all guests irrespective of their desires to handle the ropes and lines, sunbath or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings of the deck.

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Spacious and effective cockpit

The large-spaced cockpit separated with all sailing operators at the helm stations possesses a steady bimini that can be increased if requested to provide shade to the sunny areas for lounges. Also, possessing a strong reputation as the best social section on the ship, the U – formed sitting section ensures relaxation and comfort at underway.

All guests have been luxuriously catered for

ROX STAR cruise ship is perfect for couples and families from all sorts of backgrounds. It also takes care of all guests, providing them with a comfortable sleeping area and bar to enjoy drinks and alfresco. The upper part of the deck area has been specially selected for guests who desire to rest and bask in the sun while enjoying privacy at the same time.

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Cruising with style

Definitely, the ROX STAR is not just some regular cruise ship. Considering the interior design, the great yacht features a big classy saloon with large windows providing the interior with sufficient natural light.

Luxury with great weather and all amenities

All guests who secure a space on the ROX STAR have the opportunity to enjoy a warm environment of stylish leather inserts through the bulkheads that incorporate a gentle contrast to the edgy modern massive woods and furniture. The saloon possesses all necessary and luxury amenities like large smart TVs, sound systems, caliber, a comfortable corner sofa and many more.

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Luxurious and accommodating cabins

Down in the accommodation deck, the customized and sumptuous woodwork is also available in all the cabins. All cabins come with classy bathroom facilities and beds that have been set to the outboard sections to improve home-feeling and space optimization. Some other important features that come up with this luxury cabins are a private steam room, exclusive skylight that comes with a foredeck and Italian marble in the washroom.

A performance effective yacht

The ROX STAR yacht is also a very strong and performing cruise ship. Equipped with an effective ketch rig, the yacht ensures performance cruising and easy handling are ensured. The crew on this yacht also requests for ocean and blue water cruising ensuring a cruising speed of 12 knots even if there are no winds.

An active and devoted crew can make all the difference

The major contributing factors to the success of a cruise ship are the attitude and effectiveness of its crew. The crew on ROX STAR definitely contributes a lot of positive vibes to this great yacht. With an experienced and capable French captain and world class chefs, this wonderful crew is sure to pamper you all through your time at ROX STAR.

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Article highlights

  • The ROX STAR was recently built with modern style.
  • This wonderful yacht is now available for hire.
  • The ROX STAR boasts of an innovative interior design.
  • The design of the ROX STAR features a mixture of modern and traditional trends.
  • The ROX STAR is capable of maintaining a speed of 12 knots even when there are no winds.
  • The crew on the ROX STAR is experienced and a top class team.
  • The ROX STAR yacht features a ketch rig that ensures perfect cruising performance.
  • The cabins on the ROX STAR are a package of luxury featuring exquisite amenities.
  • All sorts of guests can experience luxury on the ROX STAR yacht.
  • The ROX STAR definitely is not an average cruise ship, but a classy one.

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