The Majestic Lakes of Jammu and Kashmir

The Majestic Lakes of Jammu and Kashmir
The Majestic Lakes of Jammu and Kashmir
October 25, 2016

Jammu and Kashmir, the crown of India, is the northern most State in the country of India. Kashmir, a beautiful valley in Jammu and Kashmir, is flanked by beautiful snow-capped mountains and lakes that bring this place to life. Nature has abundantly bestowed its grace upon this State. A paradise on earth, Jammu and Kashmir is blessed with some of the most enchanting lakes, making this a hot spot for tourist enthusiasts. This article brings to you the serene and pristine lakes of the paradise.

Enjoy the sight and sound surrounding the Dal Lake

This is one of the most beautiful and widely renowned lakes lying in the heart of the city of Srinagar. This lake is famous for houseboats. Dal lake gets its name because of it is shaped like a kidney bean called “dal”. The Dal Lake is nestled in the PirPanjal Himalayan range which makes it a perfect backdrop. The houseboats are popular among tourists and the ferry allows commuters to see the Mughal gardens and beautiful orchards. This lake is the 2nd largest lake of Kashmir.

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Wular Lake offers amusement and adventure to the tourists

Wular Lake is considered to be one of the largest fresh water lakes of Asia. Located just 40 kilometers away from the city of Srinagar, this lake serves as a reservoir by collecting the excess water caused due to flooding of the Jhelum river. This pristine lake is flanked by the majestic Himalayan mountains and luscious forests. This lake also inhabits exotic species of birds. Wular lake also offers tourists with adventure rides like fishing, rafting and water skiing.

Nagin Lake is perfect for romance

The Nagin Lake is a part of the Dal Lake and separated by a narrow causeway. This lake lies in the foothills of the Zabarwan mountains and is located on the eastside of Srinagar. Also popular for houseboats, this lake makes a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Water sports like sailing and water skiing can be enjoyed.

Experience water sports in Manasbal Lake

This picturesque lake lies to the north of Srinagar. One of the deepest lakes of Kashmir and a lake where you will find lotus. Mughal garden and Darogabagh fort, which are popular tourist spots, lie close to this lake. Water sport activities can be enjoyed. This lake gets its name from the famous Mansarovar Lake.

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Krishnagar Lake invites the tourists who love fishing

This beautiful lake is situated in the valley of Srinagar at an altitude of 3800 meters above the level of sea. One can indulge in fishing and many other water sport activities.

Surinsar Lake has mythological significance

Nestled in beautiful mountain ranges and just about 40 kilometers from the city of Jammu, the beautiful Surinsar Lake is considered to be a twin of the Mansar Lake. In the middle of these two beautiful lakes lie the SurinsarMansar Sanctuary for Wildlife. According to Indian mythology, an arrow was shot in the Mansar lake by the great warrior Arjuna which led to the birth of Surinsar Lake.

Pangong Lake is famous as a saline lake

Pangong Lake is a lake nestled in the Himalayan range at an altitude of 14,270 feet. This turquoise blue lake shares boundary with the country of China. This lake is considered to be one the most beautiful brackish lakes in India. Since it is a saline lake, it does not inhabit any marine life. The lake remains frozen in the months of winter.

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Soothe your eyes with changing colors of sunset at Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri is one of the largest high altitude lakes in India. Located in the Rupshu valley, this lake lies at an altitude of 15,075 feet. This enchantingly beautiful lake displays varying shades of colors at sunset and is a favorite among photographers. Tso Moriri Lake is 18 miles long and 5 miles wide.

Tso Kar Lake is another small but beautiful lake

The word ‘Tso Kar’ means a lake that is white or a lake that is salty. Located in the Rupshu valley, this is another high altitude lake which is the smallest among the other high altitude lakes. The shore of this lake has the presence of salty dunes.

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Article highlights

  • Jammu and Kashmir is a land bestowed with beautiful lakes.
  • Dal Lake is famous for its houseboats and its panoramic beauty.
  • Wular Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Asia.
  • Nagin Lake is famous for the numerous watersport activities.
  • Manasbal Lake in Srinagar is home to a variety of birds.
  • Krishnasagar Lake is a beautiful lake in the valley of Srinagar.
  • Surinsar lake lies in the city of Jammu.
  • Pangong Lake shares borders with China.
  • Tso Moriri lake, the largest high altitude lake is in the valley of Rupshu.
  • Tso Kar Lake is the smallest among the high altitude lakes.

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