The Most Fascinating Sites in Burma

The Most Fascinating Sites in Burma
The Most Fascinating Sites in Burma
May 27, 2016

Since tourism has just been introduced in Burma, many of her bewitching and mesmerizing locations are still being discovered. The magical charm and the pleasant atmosphere of the country have given it a unique identity among the rest tourist attractions. You can certainly relieve your senses in the surreal landscapes of Burma. Here, we’ve enlisted 6 off-beat tracks that you must visit when in Burma.

Visit the Golden Rock and get a mystic experience

There is hardly anyone who can bypass the temptation to visit the Golden Rock in Burma. Apart from being a well-known tourist destination, the Golden Rock is also a pilgrimage site for the devotees of Buddha. This 7.6-meters-tall gold-covered monolith is located at the top of the Kyaiktiyo Hill. The Buddhists believe that the Golden Rock is balanced by a single hair from the head of the Great Buddha. From Yangon, reaching the site is just a matter of five hours by road. Being a witness of the sunrise and the sunset at the Golden Rock is definitely surrealistic.

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Don’t miss the holy place, MingunPahtodawgyi

When in Burma you might visit many pagodas of different shapes and sizes, but, none like the MingunPahtodawgyi. It was in 1790 that the Burmese monarch, King Bodawpaya, started the construction on this stupa. But, alas! He had to stop the construction as it was prophesied that when the stupa gets constructed, the King will meet his death. And so did happen! For this reason, the stupa now stands one-third of its planned height. The stupa is situated on the banks of the Irrawaddy that is just 10 kilometers in distance from Mandalay.

KyaukKaLat Pagoda is a stunning wonder

KyaukKaLat Pagoda is located outside HpaAn, situated to the south of Burma. The pagoda stands on the top of a limestone stone pinnacle with a man-made lake at its center. The pagoda is worth visiting when in HpaAn as it is also the home to Kaw Gun Cave that consists of Buddha’s statues in different meditating postures.

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Artistic beauty of Mount Popa must overwhelm you

Mount Popa, also referred as TaungKalat is located 50 kilometers to the southeast of Bagan. It stands 737 meters from the valley floor and is made of magma, an out result of volcanic vents. Besides, the most surprising and surrealistic view is that of the temple complex that is situated at the summit. To praise the beauty of the architecture one has to climb 777 steps to reach the top of the monastery.

Bagan surpasses all other in scenic beauty

When talking about the surreal and off-beat destination of Burma, Bagan tops the list. The best way to experience this captivating sight is either in a hot air balloon, or take a view of nature during the dawn. This truly defines that Bagan is one of the most enchanting landscapes in the world. It features of more than 2,500 temples and stupas. Unbelievable!

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LaykyunSetkyar is also famous for panoramic beauty

LaykyunSetkyar, also known as the giant Buddha of Monywaacts as a standing watch for a small town that is situated 140 kilometers northeast of Mandalay. It took over 12 years to get constructed. The structure consists of about 31 floors that symbolize the 31 planes of existence in the thoughts of the Buddhists. To get a panoramic view from the top of the monument, you can climb up the stairs and experience the beauty from atop.

This statue is among one of the tallest in the world. Don’t miss visiting Monywa. You can simply plan your trip to this sight in between of Bagan and Mandalay.

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Article highlights

  • Burma, a country of surreal landscapes, is a real attraction to every traveler.
  • The Golden Rock is 7.6 meters tall and is covered with gold monolith throughout.
  • The Buddhists believe that the Golden Rock is being balanced by a single strand of Buddha’s hair.
  • The mystery behind the construction of the MingunPahtodawgyi is something to talk about.
  • Along with the MingunPahtodawgyi pagoda, visiting the KyaukKaLat Pagoda is also a must.
  • Be the witness of a surreal view when standing at the top of the Mount Popa monastery.
  • Opt for hot air balloon ride when visiting Bagan in Burma.
  • Last but not the least, Burma houses one of the tallest statues of Buddha in Monywa that is named LaykyunSetkyar.

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