The Sides of California You Never Knew

The Sides of California You Never Knew
The Sides of California You Never Knew
May 4, 2016

With sights that can flood your mind, alluring vegetation and a sun that shines like a full-fledged smile, California is definitely the place to be. However, someone may claim that there is nothing new about California, hence, they have seen it all. You may be right within you but that is because you are yet to discover the different ways there are to experience this sun drenched city. Either you decide to have a cruise in the 1960 model Cadillac or just take a walk along the coastlines; there are more than one ways to experience the glamour of California.

Take a cycling tour at Santa Barbara

California is the home of wines when compared to top wine producers especially the pinot noir grape. The slopes are overrun by rows of vines which can be explored using bicycles. Among the remarkable tour sites is one that begins with a 12 mile tour along the vineyard till you arrive at Rusack Winery where you will have a taste of pinot noir. The rest of the day will then be spent on more cycling and discovering of more wineries.

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Participate in the yacht trip

Some of the sailboats that were used for the 2003 America’s Cup now sail the waters of San Francisco. One of such boat is the USA 76. The 84ft boat which won twenty one races now sails on San Francisco waters, run by a great crew all for pleasure. You are free to sail with them for close to two hours on San Francisco bay and have a feel riding on a race dominator. Passengers who are eager to learn sailing are given the opportunity by involving them in small task such as operating the hoist.

Surf the waters not the internet

There is a surf school in San Diego which provides an extraordinary surf lesson to her visitors. That is where you will learn the rudiments of surfing likewise the surfing terms. And the most interesting part of the story is that every surfer has their own instructor so that if becomes more like a personal affair. Before long after your arrival, you will be riding a wave like one of those pros you watch on television.

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Recall the memories of old time with the 1960s Cadillac.

Some things never really go out of style and one of them is the 1960s Cadillac. There is no better way to explore the coastlines of San Francisco than riding in this age long machine. Driving through Venice Beach and the ever busy amusement parks of Santa Monica Pier, you will be greeted with the view of homes that house some of your favorite stars especially at Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard and Beverly Hills where movies are set.

Change your opinion about Chinatown

Chinatown is a place of rich cultural heritage dating back to San Francisco itself. There are actually two Chinatowns located on parallel blocks but one of them is for foreign tourists while the other is for the locals. There is no better way to enjoy Chinatown than breezing in and out of shops. The whole scenario, sights, sound and smell will leave you imagining if you have suddenly landed on a new country.

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Article Highlights

  • California is vast such that you can hardly get bored of it.
  • There are new areas of California that you can explore.
  • The best place to take surfing lesson is in San Diego.
  • In San Diego surfing school, a student is paired to an instructor.
  • Chinatown has an architecture and a smell that will make you think you are in another country.
  • There are two Chinatowns in San Francisco.
  • You can have a leisure ride in the award winning USA 76.
  • Santa Barbara is the place to discover winery and have a taste of pinot noir.
  • San Francisco is among the leading wine producers in the world.

Taking a tour in the 1960s Cadillac will give you the chance to see Hollywood.

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