The Solution to Data Challenges for Luxury Travelers

The Solution to Data Challenges for Luxury Travelers
The Solution to Data Challenges for Luxury Travelers
April 11, 2016

Luxury travelers are always in need of data to share pictures and keep in touch with family, friends and business associates, so do luxury travel providers need date for adequate preparation on the amount of customers to cater for. But getting a steady internet connection as you move from place to place may become very difficult because of fluctuation or outright loss of network signal. With the advancement in technology, such problems will soon be a topic for history lessons for luxury travelers.

Information on the number of luxury travelers annually

As of 2014 the number of international luxury trip undertook worldwide stood at 46 million and the countries visited the most in Europe were Italy and Germany. The number has continued to rise ever since. This information was a revelation by World Travel Monitor which also defined luxury trips as any short trip where the traveler spends above 750 euros a night and long trips in which the traveler spends not less than 500 euros per night.

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Where the rise in data use begins

Mobile and internet banking has made it easier for people to purchase stuffs over the internet. It is on record 56 percent of luxury travelers are more likely to make purchases immediately their flight ticket has been booked. The percentage is even higher (rising above 80 percent) for those that make purchases while on a luxury trip. Seamless shopping on the internet requires a good internet connection for the best experience and the shoppers would often take long hours going over the available options before making their pick.

Networking for luxury hospitality service

For a long time, luxury hospitality providers have made it possible for customers to connect with the internet by tapping into the hotel’s wireless network. Naturally, the cost of using the wireless must have been taken care of in the initial booking but there are times when luxury hotels will come up with privacy policies and terms and conditions that would make you feel like you are just a pawn being tossed around in a game of chess. Like luxury hotels, first class airlines also bridge the data gap to provide a free and fast connection to the luxury travelers.

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How collation of data can help luxury travel providers

Luxury travel providers rely heavily on data to provide the best experience to the clients. A single person missed out in the count will create a lot of problem in the smooth preparation because the organizers will run into shortage and maybe pay more to make up the number. Proper knowledge of data will also eliminate waste because they will know the exact number of people they are preparing to take care of.

Data collection for a more effective customer experience

Luxury service providers are constantly working on ways to boost the collection of data through use of the internet and mobile technology. The latest attempt at synchronizing data is made up of a panel which has Four Season marketing head, a luxury strategist and Skift founder. The trio along other members will be working on something that will tap into the power of mobile technology (which virtually everyone has) to bring a stress free luxury experience.

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Article highlights

  • Luxury travelers need to keep in touch with others.
  • Luxury travel providers need date for adequate preparation.
  • In 2014, 46 million people went to a luxury trip.
  • Data shows these travelers spend not less than 500 euros per night.
  • 56 percent of luxury travelers are more likely to make purchases immediately.
  • First class airlines provide a free and fast connection.
  • Proper knowledge of data will also eliminate waste.
  • Mobile technology can bring a stress free luxury experience.

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