The Top Ranked Luxury Travel Destinations

The Top Ranked Luxury Travel Destinations
The Top Ranked Luxury Travel Destinations
April 29, 2016

Everyone wants to travel at one point or another to cool off from life’s routine worries and hard work but for luxury travelers, traveling is not only about moving from one place to another, it is more about satisfying one’s inner yearnings for taste and class. Luxury travelers are in constant search for places that will satisfy their inner cravings but for them, repeating one place twice seems more like a crime. The list below should take care of your annual luxury travelers if you are a constant traveler.

1. The ever alive New York City

Talk about class, business, energy, New York City has all of these abundantly. Daylight allows travelers to explore; the beautiful city landscape, central park, Manhattan’ backyard and the amazing retail stores. When night comes, it is a new story altogether; there is flamboyant hotels to explore like the Pierre or the theatrical hotels with calming silence like the London NYC. As they say, in New York City, the day never ends.

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2. Marveling terrains of French Polynesia

Also known as Tahiti, this land locked between New Zealand and Peru is not meant for everyone, just those who can afford it. This destination is one in which luxury travellers can afford to get lazy in naturally formed or man-made water bodies. You can take a small cruise ship to explore the surrounding islands. Newly established resorts that litter the city are also there for you to explore.

3. Matisse Beach Club like no other

Matisse is not just an ordinary club. It brags of an interior that is exquisitely designed with breathtaking facilities, chandeliers and just name it. When you get tired of wining in the inside, the luxurious, colorful pool is just by the corner for you. Located in Australia, precisely in the suburban area of Perth, Matisse Beach Club remains the perfect place for luxury travelers to spend quality time.

4. Get in tune with nature in Venice

The Palladio Hotel and Spa located in Venice is just the right spot to lose your addiction to gadgets and get a proper rest. It has gardens with wide open spaces for guests to soak in the soft rays of the sun while exploring the alluring topography with their eyes. The hotel will also engage you with interesting activities.

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5. Play around in the Vegas Casino

Who could ever want to miss the busy life of Las Vegas? This city is overrun by world class restaurants, clubs, spa, shopping malls and so on. As a city built with tourism in mind, the hospitality sector here is set to give you a VIP treatment. A good example of such hotels is the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas that has suites that are very large like the Nevada views. Though it is said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, you will always have a new story to tell on every visit.

6. See the Caribbean from a new angle

The Caribbean has a life of its own and Four Seasons Resort Nevis will help you discover the other side of the island. With a five star from Forbes and triple A from Five diamonds, you are right to expect anything. Located in the British West Indies Island of Nevis, this Island gives you access to a number of locations.

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Article highlights

  • Real meaning of “Travel” to the Luxury Travelers
  • Exciting places that you would like to visit
  • What makes each location unique
  • What you should expect from a five star hotel
  • Lavish designs of luxury hotels
  • Night life in some luxury locations
  • How Palladio hotel and Spa can reconnect you with nature
  • What Las Vegas stands for
  • Places that will provide you the opportunity to get lazy
  • Where to satisfy your inner cravings for a luxury travel


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