Top Hotels That will Open in 2016

Top Hotels That will Open in 2016
Top Hotels That will Open in 2016
July 2, 2016

One of the hardest thing to do as a luxury traveler is to stay on top of your game and that includes being the first to launch a luxury hotel. The odds are that there will always be several hotel openings round the globe but how will you know which will match your taste and class? A sneak peek into some of the top hotels that will be opening in 2016 won’t hurt, will it?

What makes a hotel luxurious is broad and the description of one person may not really cover the description of another. However, luxury hotels spans from spectacular view to floating castle to a cozy interior and a perfect room service and staff. The list of what you should look out for in 2016 is below in no particular order.

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1. Eco resort in Cambodia

The almost completely glass structure will be the first of it kind to be seated outside Bali and this one will be coming to the KohRussey island of Alila. The hotel has breathtaking view of beach and flora that will make it a choice destination particularly for those who are just discovering Cambodia.

2. St. Regis adorable Vommuli Resort

If you have any reason – or an excuse – to be in Maldives as from first of September 2016, then seize the chance to explore the state of the art facility in this upcoming hotel. The view is stunning and the art is nothing short of charming. What you should expect from this monument situated on a private island includes swimming pool, spa, diving centers, restaurant and fitness center.

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3. Pushing resort bar higher with Sovena

This new resort will definitely make you question all you have known or heard about resorts. As Maldives continue to dominate the world of hotels, SovenaJani will roll out in late 2016 although there are speculations that the date may be pushed into 2017. SovenaJani will be located on Medhufaru Island in Noonu atoll and will cover both water and land.

4. Putting Malaysia back on the list is the Ritz-Carlton

The date for this opening is not yet set but we are crossed fingers that it will be sometime in 2016. The presence of the 132 luxury rooms and 42 villas Ritz-Carlton will change the face of Langkawi for good. The view and architecture is splendid while it will be bathed by the clear waters of Andaman Sea -the perfect place to have serenity of mind and body.

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5. Something good is happening in Tanzania

With only seven rooms at the highlands of Ngorongoro crater of Tanzania comes a luxury hotel that looks like a building off a poster. The tented domes will surely excite guests talk more of the elevation (over 3000 meters above sea level) and the fact that Tanzania is rich with wildlife.

6. Talking about mind blowing, think of Six Senses

Opening in late 2016 is the journey of the Six Senses Bhutan. It is not just a destination but a journey to showcase the wonderful kingdom in in a magical way like it has never been done before. Guest will be treated to monuments and views of a lifetime.

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Article highlights

  • It is always good to have a list of luxury hotel openings if you are luxury traveler.
  • It is always thrilling to be the first to lodge in a new luxury hotel.
  • One of the guiding principles of luxury travelers is exquisite treatment.
  • Luxury hotel is a broad term that means different thing to different people.
  • A sneak peek is always helpful in choosing a luxury hotel.
  • Maldives has lots of new hotel openings in 2016.
  • Many of the new hotel openings in 2016 across the globe will come in the later part of the year.
  • The new luxury hotel in Tanzania will have only seven rooms.
  • The Ritz-Carlton is one luxury hotel to look out for in Malaysia.
  • Six Senses Bhutan is a magical journey and not just a destination.

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