Top Luxury Hotels in Sao Paulo

It is on record that Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil but it doesn’t end there. There are great 5-star hotels you would not dare to miss if you happen to be in Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is also one of the richest cities as far as Brazil is concerned. The cities are lined with exotic boutiques where travellers can spend time.

Cultural richness of Sao Paulo

Brazil is rich in culture and her rich display of cultures and attires during cultural festivals cannot be forgotten in a hurry. They have the Samba dance and the Sampa, popular among the locals, which has great theatres, museums and galleries. There is a blend of cultures too due to long association of the people of Sao Paulo with nationals from other parts of the world such as Arabic, Japanese and Italian.

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The interesting things to see in Sao Paulo

One of the greatest places that would take your breath is the Pinacoteca – rated one of the best art museum in the whole of Brazil parading modern Brazilian art. After the day, you will get to spend most evenings in the TheatroMuncipal watching elegant performance of opera, ballet and classical performance. In the Jardin district you will find a mix of cuisines that would make you ask for more. This region also gives you an excuse to indulge in impulsive buying. What is luxury travel by the way if you cannot ditch morals for a day?

A guide into Sao Paulo

There are three airports that link into the city however; Guarulhos International Airport gets most of the visitors. After making a stop at the airport, there are limousine services that you could hire to take you to your choice hotel. The other two airports which you can take into the city are the Viracopos International Airport and the Congonhas Airport which is centrally placed and services local flights alone. If you would like to explore the city, it would be better to go by the metro service which is more efficient and faster way to beat the road traffic of the highly bust city.

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Location of the most 5-star hotels

A 5-star hotel is the perfect way to crown a luxury travel and in Sao Paulo, most of the top rated luxury hotels are localized close to the Av Paulista. The most adorable part of Sampastreet is located on the East part of Jadin district being adored by the Museu de Arte de Arte de Sao Paulo. Other attractions can be found in the bohemian district of Bela Vista which is creamed with Italian heritage.

The qualities of 5-star hotels found in Sao Paulo

The facilities of the 5-star hotels in Sao Paulo will wow you whether as a first time traveller or a returnee. Most of the hotels also have spas where you can have a rest after walking or working the whole day. There also, you will be treated to a menu that is world class and encompasses many cuisines you never thought of. However, what really makes the difference to travellers is the friendliness of the people of the city.

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Article highlights

  • Most of the top luxury hotels in Sao Paulo are localized around Av Paulista.
  • The remarkable thing about Paulista is the friendliness of the people.
  • Luxury hotels in Sao Paulo have spas.
  • Pinacoteca is a great art museum in Sao Paulo.
  • One of the richest cities in Brazil is Sao Paulo.
  • Sao Paulo is the largest city in Sao Paulo.
  • Evening in Sao Paulo can best be spent listening and watching opera.
  • There are three airports in Sao Paulo.
  • Congonhas Airport is centrally placed and services local flight.
  • Metro service is the best way to tour the city.

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