Tourism Potentials of Iceland and Contributions of Luxury Travel Agencies

Tourism Potentials of Iceland and Contributions of Luxury Travel Agencies
Tourism Potentials of Iceland and Contributions of Luxury Travel Agencies
April 29, 2016

The number of luxury travelers visiting Iceland has been on the rise since the beginning of the 21 century. As of today, tourism contributes more than 2 percent of Iceland GDP. From 2003 to 2010 the number of foreigners visiting Iceland grew progressively by 6 percent per annum. From 2010 till date, the figure has got over three hundred percent increase. Figures from Icelandic Tourist Board show that of all visitors that spent the night in Iceland grew from 595,000 in 2,000 to about 4.4 million in 2014.

Nationals that visit Iceland the most

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Central and South Europeans have been shown to be the origin of most visitors to Iceland.The top 5 most visitors rating in Iceland showed (in no particular order) that France, Germany, US, Norway and UK nationals make up the most percentage of the total visitors to Iceland. Another country that has found favor with Iceland is Canada. Between 2013 and 2014, the percentage of Canadians that visited Iceland grew by over 60 percent.

What makes Iceland a preferred destination

Iceland has amazing atmosphere and natural habitats that is yet to be disturbed making it the perfect spot to unwind and reconnect with nature. In 2014, Icelandic Tourist Board listed the top ten regions mostly visited and of the ten, the top three were; Capital Region, Geysir/Gullfoss and ├×ingvellir.

What it takes to make a leisure travel to Iceland

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Leisure travel in general will require that you make plans for your accommodation and tour guide. That is usually the trickiest part. To bypass this hassle, leisure travelers usually resort to the services of travel and tour agencies. The duty of a travel and tour agent is to partner with the client to make the process hassle free. They take care of booking for accommodations and serves as tour guide to the client when they finally arrive in the country. Most times, they play to the tune of the client to guarantee their satisfaction.

What makes B&W Travel Concierge Service stand out

B&W Travel Concierge Service unlike the other travel and tour agents does not only strive to meet the client’s expectation, rather, their target is to always give their clients more than what they expect. They can go as far as securing reservations for you in night clubs, parks, organize road transport and place appointment for you in spa and salons. They handle both personal visits and group tours. The most important part of their services is ensuring that your privacy is not disturbed. Some of the services they organize include;

  • Business trips
  • Wedding ceremony organization
  • Group excursions.

What the future holds for Iceland tourism sector

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As more and more people discover the serenity of the Iceland atmosphere, there is no doubt that the number of visitors will keep increasing. The government of Iceland needs to constantly improve on environmental conservation (which is by the way the major attention to foreigners) and expand the hospitality sector to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. Failure to do this may eventually result in degradation of the environment and loss of the natural draw, hence, a decline in the GDP from that sector.

Article Highlights:

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  • The emergence of Iceland as an enticing tourist spot
  • A hint on Iceland climate and topography
  • What attracts foreigners to Iceland
  • Why travelers resort to travel and tour agents
  • The future of Iceland tourism sector
  • Statistics on growth of Iceland tourism
  • List of nationals that visit Iceland the most
  • The contribution of Iceland tourism to the national GDP
  • Services rendered by B&W Travel Concierge Service
  • How B&W Travel Concierge Service differ from the rest.

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