Travel the World in Luxury at a Cheap Cost

Travel the World in Luxury at a Cheap Cost
Travel the World in Luxury at a Cheap Cost
July 2, 2016

Traveling new places is one of the best pastimes for people all round the world. Many people cannot fulfill their dream of traveling the world because the expenses of traveling, luxury hotels and daily necessities in the rich cities are increasing day by day. As a result, the passionate travelers keep searching the cheapest means of luxury travel to their dreamlands. If you are on planning to visit the most attractive sites all over the world, you must find this page very useful for we have taken pains to accumulate the most affordable means of luxury tour.

Select your traveling destinations precisely

Luxury travel and low budget sound explicitly antonymous, yet there are a good number of valued cities round the world that are popular as marvelous tourist sites with low traveling cost. If you have no passion or predetermination for any particular site, you may choose one of those sites to travel at the cheapest price.

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Cities that give you luxury but cost you less

Well-known for artistic and scenic beauty these tourist friendly cities are Bangkok (Thailand), Hoi An (Vietnam), La Paz (Bolivia), Mumbai (India), Bucharest (Romania), Manila (Philippines), Phnom Pen (Cambodia), Delhi (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Cairo (Egypt), Quito (Ecuador), Kiev (Ukraine), Kathmandu (Nepal), Goa (India) and Ho Chi Min City (Vietnam). The average cost of living in these cities is approximately $22/day.

Make sure you do not compromise luxury for cheap price

One thing every luxury traveler should keep in mind is that he/she should research well before traveling any of the above cities. Their research should cover a wide range of arena like the discount in airfare package, luxury hotels, tourist spots, intercity luxury transports, restaurants, cafes, etc. Grab the opportunity that fits your budget, but never compromise luxury for low price because it will spoil your trip.

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Save airfare up to 80%

If you are planning for a luxury trip to any valued city round the world by Air, you should spare time to search online the available discounts offered by the luxury Airlines. There are many websites that function as a third party to help you book flight tickets with discount airfare. You may save up to 70% or 80% of original fare in the Business Class or First Class if you visit several websites such as,,,,, etc.

Find the cheapest 5 star hotels in the city that provide standard service

Today almost all tourist sites are crowded with so many 5 star hotels that provide both luxury and comfort. If you want to stay several days in a luxury hotel, you should find the hotels with lucrative offers and of course, the cheaper ones.

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Look for the hotels that provide extra services

You may pick one of the most recommended hotels from a long list like Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, Oriental Residence Bangkok, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, Sheraton New Delhi, InterContinental Singapore, Hotel Himalaya, Cinnamon Red Colombo, The Peninsula Manila and so on. You can get every detail of any of these hotels from Google search and book online. You will be charged $50 – $110/ night in these hotels.

More information about traveling European cities at low cost

Luxury travel at any European city will be much costly in comparison with the Asian or American cities as well. If you are determined to visit any European city famous for luxury travel, you may travel several cities in low budget such as Prague, Budapest, Lisbon, Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Manila, Barcelona, Crete and so on. The average cost of living in these cities is approximately $75.

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Article highlights

  • Luxury travel at a cheap cost is no wonder in the modern era of communication.
  • Based on choice and affordability, the traveler must make a preplan where to go.
  • A good research can help him find an attractive travel site and approximate travel cost.
  • He should conduct online search to find the cheap but attractive cities, 5 star hotels and other luxuries.
  • Many Airlines offer up to 80% discount in airfare on some occasions and a low budgeter should take up this opportunity.
  • He should also seek the luxury hotels that offer packages like beverage, cafĂ© and other services for free.
  • He can also save his wallet if he takes time to travel in luxury public transports to distant spots.
  • European cities are a little more expensive but still one can travel there at low budget.
  • The traveler should avoid expensive restaurants and coffee shops.
  • After all, a luxury traveler should not compromise luxury in exchange of any opportunity.

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