Trending on Luxury Travels in Asia

Trending on Luxury Travels in Asia
Trending on Luxury Travels in Asia
August 28, 2016

According to a survey carried out by the American Express publishing and the Harrison Group, luxury spending all over the world has risen to about $27 billion. This survey was carried out with intentions to analyze the trends of the industry and interview luxury travel suppliers and buyers in Europe, Asia and America.

Increasing luxury importance on major priority lists

The survey helped to discover that most people have raised the importance of traveling round the world or luxury vacations on their priority list. Nowadays, most priority lists will feature luxury along with healthy eating and family relationships – with most people having a discreet and quiet luxurious experience as their preference.

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A favorite destination for luxury vacations

Survey has it that most people who like luxury vacations will love to have it in Asia. With exquisite countries like India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Malaysia and many more, there is no confusion as to the validation of this information. Hong Kong holds the highest percentage of favorite preferences visiting Asia and wanting to experience luxury.

More time and money are spent in Asia by leisure travelers now

Nowadays, the time spent by leisure travelers in hotel nights at Asia has climbed over the time spent by business travelers. In addition to that, it was also discovered by surveyors that an average of $9,142 is spent on luxury travels by visitors in Asia. This sum includes the charges for food, airfare, entertainment base, accommodations and shopping.

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The cities attract more visitors than the beaches and countryside

Most visitors would rather visit the beautiful cities in Asia than to visit the beachside and countryside. This implies that the cities must be very much appealing than the natural features in Asia as there is a very wide marginal difference.

More attractive features in Asia

The great continent of Asia keeps getting the attention of more and more visitors each year, one might want to know the reason behind these increments. The major reasons behind this are the luxurious, cultural, and unique experiences provided in the cities of Asia. Some of these experiences include; cultural enrichment, sightseeing, luxury accommodations, religious esteem, deluxe shopping and much more.

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Major factors to be considered to choose hotels in Asia

There are always factors influencing people’s decisions, including hotel choices of visitors in Asia. The hotel’s location and price value of luxury are very important factors affecting people’s choices. Some other major factors include security, reputation, safety, free WIFI and many others.

Direct phone booking is a popular choice

Research has also shown that most people would rather book or make inquiries about a hotel via phone calls. This option of communication has been chosen over other major options like online travel agents chat, directly through websites and many more.

The famed lake palace

A very popular attraction of India’s visitors, this royal palace hotel in Lake Pichola provides visitors with maximum possible luxury. Having been famed for featuring in the Octopussy James Bond movie, this hotel has really risen in fame and reputation.

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Article highlights

  • Worldwide spending on luxury travels has risen to about $27 billion.
  • Most people prioritize luxury travels along with healthy eating now.
  • Asia is one of the most preferred destinations for luxury travels.
  • Hong Kong is the favorite luxury travel destination in all of Asia.
  • Visitors in Asia spend an average of $9,132 on luxury vacations every year.
  • The lake palace once featured on a James Bond movie.
  • Most people prefer to inquire and book hotels over direct phone calls than OTA.
  • The Cities in Asia are the preferred visitor or tourist landmark.
  • More leisure travelers visit Asia relatively compared to business travelers.
  • The lake palace sits right on the Lake Pichola.

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