Vietnam, a Golf Lover’s Paradise

Vietnam, a Golf Lover’s Paradise
Vietnam, a Golf Lover’s Paradise
August 28, 2016

Vietnam is one of the best destinations in the world to take a Golf Holiday. Featuring a lush countryside, pleasurable year round climates, and development of top notch golf courses, every golf lover has to visit Vietnam to complete and fill up their desires.

Ideal for every golf player

According to the IAGTO, Vietnam was recently considered as the “Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year”. It is a golfer’s paradise having the opportunities of wonderful golf courses, pleasant climate, rich culture and ancient history – this is a perfect description of Vietnam. Some people have begun to refer to Vietnam as the ‘second Thailand’ when considering the Far East’s golf tours.

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Vast wealth of golf courses

Vietnam provides both professional and amateur golfers all the required experience they might need with great golf courses destinations like Hai Duong, Hanoi, Dalat, Ho Chi Minh City and Mui Ne-Phan Thiet. Presently, there are more than thirty golf courses aimed at maximizing each golfer’s experience and increasing their golf itinerary.

Maximum comfort ensured

Some major locations in Vietnam like the famous Halong Bay and Northern Vietnam provide exquisite and comfortable golfing experiences for golfers with classy accommodations and suiting boutiques. All in all a golfer will have the opportunity to go out in maximum style and at the same time improve their overall golfing experience.

Top notch golf resorts

Vietnam is also home to some of the best golf resorts in the whole world like Phoenix golf resort, Song Gia golf resorts, and King’s Island golf resort. All of these golf resorts are luxurious and well efficient in providing maximum golfing experiences for golfers with Phoenix golf resort being the largest of them all.

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A blend of cultural and golfing experience

One of the major regions in Vietnam, Southern Vietnam exhibits the greatest level of culture one can experience in Vietnam. This region features a buzzing city of culture and commerce that has taken the whole country to a whole new level with its active energy.

Exquisite golf clubs

Vietnam features a lot of premium golf clubs every golfer would love to be part of. With clubs like Dalat Palace golf clubs situated at strategic and memorable locations. For every golfer, this will be a great opportunity to enjoy nature at its best, feel the wonderful benefits of a golf club and more importantly improve their overall golfing experience all at the same time. Definitely, Vietnam is the perfect haven for all golfers.

The best features a region can have

In addition to it being a great golf destination in all of Asia, Vietnam is also famed for its luxury resorts, booming economy, and a culture acclaimed for friendly accommodation and hospitality. This fact does well to stress the previous establishment that Vietnam is every golfer’s paradise and it keeps on getting better.

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Desirable inspiration for every golfer

Central highland and South Coast in Vietnam feature a beautiful island and a sandy beach. Nha Trang offers a fishing village and hill retreat. All of these contribute to every golfers’ motivation for better golfing experience.

Vacation for both golfers and travelers

Vietnam is also the golf tour holiday that is referred to as the best mix of a golfer and a traveler’s desire for golfing and adventures. On this vacation, there is the opportunity for every participant to enjoy golf experience while relaxing and learning more about traditional culture, food, and history.

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Article highlights

  • Vietnam is considered to be the perfect golfing center in Asia.
  • The IAGTO once considered Vietnam as the ‘Undiscovered golf destination of the Year’.
  • The golf tour holiday in Vietnam caters for both a golfer’s and a traveler’s desires.
  • Vietnam also serves as a source of inspiration to golfers with its epic landmarks.
  • Southern Vietnam gives every golfer a great experience level of Asian culture.
  • Vietnam is sometimes referred to as the second Thailand when it comes to golf courses in the Far East.
  • Vietnam is also popular for its booming economy, luxury resorts and rich culture.
  • Golfers in Vietnam are offered some of the best and premium golf clubs in the world.
  • There are more than enough golf courses in Vietnam to improve a golfer’s experience.
  • Golfers also have access to maximum comforts at Vietnam with classy accommodations and boutiques.

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