What Makes South Tyrol the Heaven for Luxury Travelers

What Makes South Tyrol the Heaven for Luxury Travelers
What Makes South Tyrol the Heaven for Luxury Travelers
April 29, 2016

What is the use of boosting to be a luxury traveller if you are not discovering new places? South Tyrol is one of the beautiful places waiting to be discovered. Really, discovering South Tyrol is not easy because going by map, it is in Italy but in the real sense of it when you are on the ground, and you are in Austrian territory which is a little bit confusing. Tyrol is all about feeding the eyes and the soul and it won’t be hard for you to pick out one or two realities you only read in literature.

Spectacular views of South Tyrol

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Perched in a mountainous region, the first striking feature of Tyrol is the huge dolomite deposit which has become one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The coral reefs in this region are the highest in the world and probably one of the oldest having been formed over two hundred and fifty million years ago.

South Tyrol is all about reconnecting with nature

South Tyrol is adorned by nature with mountain lakes, valleys, Braies lake several peaks. The mountainous peaks rise like plants sprout from the ground and tower to great heights into the sky. Of the numerous peaks, the one that attracts the most adoration are the three peaks of Lavaredo. South Tyrol has a beautiful climate which results to lush vegetation and alluring flowers. If you get caught up in South Tyrol during the winter, you better prepare to play with ‘snow white’.

What makes South Tyrol the perfect environment for some sports?

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Because of the high mountains, when it does snow, ski and fans of the game can chill out in the mountain sides and either play the game or watch others play. The region has become famous in Italy as a top destination for skiing because of its ski tracks that stretch over two hundred kilometers. When the snows are gone in summer, mountain bikers, horse riders and mountain climbers can take over the mountain to have fun as much as they want.

How South Tyrol is also a place for healing

Traveling to South Tyrol is not all about the leisure but can also offer you the chance to take in the deep breath of healing. The region, because of the many meadows, has been nicknamed the ‘green valley’. Simply by observing a lazy time at the alpines, breathing in the fresh sea breeze that has in it scent of herbs can be therapeutic. Research has shown that urban dwellers fall sick more than rural dwellers because the former inhale very large volumes of air polluted with fumes which in the long run begins to have debilitating system on the nervous and respiratory system.

Take a piece of souvenir before leaving South Tyrol

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South Tyrol is not all about the views and healing. There are also very good shops where you can treat yourself to wardrobe makeover. That is not all; you will get to taste the best of Italian dishes and wine. The valley is famous for its archive of local and fashionable crafts which you will find irresistible. Buying one of them to your home country is enough to tell the tale of your journey.

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