What Singapore has in Store for Luxury Travelers

What Singapore has in Store for Luxury Travelers
What Singapore has in Store for Luxury Travelers
May 4, 2016

Singapore grew so fast to become one of the Asian giants. Over the years, the government and people of Singapore have grown monuments that have turned to be the center of attraction for luxury travellers.

Another spectacular thing about Singapore is the welcoming spirit of the people. The tradition of Singapore is also one that holds a lot of glamour for visitors. Their food and art is another source of attraction. In fact, Singapore has something in store for everyone who cares to explore. Some of the sectors that stand in the forefront of attraction include the following;

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The charming culture of Singapore for the culture enthusiasts

Culture enthusiasts will find Singapore particularly interesting because of the museums and galleries. There is also the recently opened national gallery which happens to be the largest of all the visual arts venues in Singapore.

This center focuses on projecting the cultural diversity of Singapore to the whole world. The gallery has the largest collection of art works garnered from across the entire Southeast Asia. The art works tells stories of politics, economic and social struggles.

A trip to the gallery is always an eye opener and affords the traveller opportunity to learn new things. Besides the National Museum, the city of Singapore also plays host to other important museum such as the Asian Civilizations Museum, and the Peranakan Museum both of which explores the shared heritage between Singapore and China.

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The diversity of Singaporean dishes

For those that are enthusiasts or turned on by food, Singapore also has a stock of variety of dishes to explore. They have some of the best collections of local dishes and sea food. They also have a variety of wine to go down with it.

Some of personal favorite of tourists that keeps them guessing which to take is between chicken satay and chili crab. Travellers often find themselves entangled in the beautiful scenario of the Gardens watching the large collection of plants and animal.

Singapore is also the best place for vegetarians to enjoy freshly plucked vegetables and herbs harvested from the garden. Chef Jason Artherton who once starred in Michelin is also on ground to present British menu that has Asian influence on it including waygu beef, barbecue,raw Hokkaido scallops and so on.

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The luxurious part of Singapore

Singapore is a destination for anyone aiming to have a nice luxurious travel. The mega cities boosts of a variety of five star hotels such as the Fullerton Hotel, Ce La Vi at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Here you will be have a spectacular view of the skyline and relax in comfortable rooms full of pleasure.

There is also the spa where you will have beauty treats that would give you a mental and physical wellness. The spas makes use of natural products rather than the synthetic ones that often have numerous side effects leaving your nerves relaxed and refreshed. The hardest thing to do when you are in Singapore is saying goodbye because there is always something to keep you longing for the aroma tinged air of Singapore.

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Article highlights

  • There are various five star hotels in Singapore that gives you great views.
  • Spas in Singapore make use of natural products.
  • Singapore is a good host for vegetarians.
  • Chef Jason Artherton provides British foods with Asian influences on his menu
  • Singapore museums and galleries project the image of Singapore to the world
  • Culture enthusiasts would find Singapore particularly interesting
  • Museums in Singapore tell different stories
  • The government of Singapore has built monuments that have become a marvel to visitors.
  • The National Gallery is the biggest visual art venue in the whole of Southeast Asia.
  • Leaving Singapore is usually a hard decision to make.

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