World’s Top Villas with Exclusive Sea-View

World’s Top Villas with Exclusive Sea-View
World’s Top Villas with Exclusive Sea-View
April 29, 2016

Staring at the sea washing up and back their banks often floods our mind with memories. A large part of luxury travelling is all about the amount of such memories we can birth so that they linger for a long time. Getting a villa where you will have an exclusive view of the sea and maybe dock your yacht or dingy doesn’t always come at the click of the fingers but our list of exclusive villas that would offer you such privilege is as follows;

1. The rocky Capospartivento

Capospartivento Villa is craftily located so that it slides effortlessly into nature’s untapped mountains of southern Sardinia. The interiors are stylishly and lavishly finished making it easy to trap the eyes of visitors. Though guests can arrive by the sea, there is still a fancy swimming pool that will keep them entertained.

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2. The vegetation rich Las Brisas

Located in the island of Dominican Republic, this resort treats guests to lush vegetation arranged into a garden. The garden has assortment of trees that makes the region come alive with beauty. Such trees as orange, frangipani, baobab, palm tree and over twelve other species of trees adorn the area.

3. Villa Del Mar’s private angle to the sea

Located in Marbella’s Golden Mine, villa Del Mar is an embodiment in the prestigious Marbella Club Hotel. This place offers guest an exclusive view to the sea. There is also a spa, an express access to the beach and various other services guests can exploit while basking in the comfort and security of Villa Del Mar.

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4. Hang out with friends at Villa Domina

Villa Domina is the best place for groups like families and friends.This breathtaking resort buried in the heart of nature gives the visitors a good view of mountains and the seas in the bay of Ipsos and Corfu town. Domina villa is the best place to enjoy serenity and listen to the music of the wind.

5. View the open sea at Villa Blue Bay

Villa Blue Bay is one of Ibiza’s amazing villas along the quiet coast. The location is also strategic, trapped between picturesque village and the Bay of Cala. The perfect word to describe this secluded location is stunning especially when you gaze into the open sea.

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6. Have a feel of heated pool at Villa Amagatall

Located in Juvea, Costa Blanca, Villa Amagatallis the best place to be when it comes to having a refreshing view of the sea. Guests have access to a beach which is just two and half miles from the villa. The interiors are stylishly designed with eight bathrooms and air conditions. Guest will also get to connect to the villa’s wififor free.

7. Enjoy tennis at Villa Horizona

Villa Horizona offers car essentials. Located in the heart of Chania in Crete, this resort is the best place to take a break from regular schedule. Not only do guests get exclusive view to the sea, they will alsohave a chance to enjoy tennis in the tennis court.

8. Get a blend of old and new in North Island

Seychelles is a spectacular location for families and friends to enjoy a soul reunion. There are several villas in Seychelles built to the beach. North Island is just perfect because of the surrounding natural vegetation. The interior has a blend of rustic and modern design.

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  • The villa that incorporates sports.

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