5 Best Medical Tourism Destinations for the Americans

5 Best Medical Tourism Destinations for the Americans
5 Best Medical Tourism Destinations for the Americans
March 16, 2016

Medical tourism is a globally booming business. Patients beyond borders put the figure of Americans that underwent medical tourism as of 2014 at 900,000 while globally; the figure was more than twenty million. This accounted for more $20 billion in revenue globally. However, some countries play host to more medical tourists than the other.

Milder health policies also attract medical tourists from countries with strict policies. There are two main reasons for medical tourism; the first is to get quality healthcare while the second has to do with cost. Based on these reasons, the countries that have become the major destination for medical tourists are Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Turkey.

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1. Health Sector in Thailand backed by the Government and Diversified Economy

The financial woes that hit the Asian giants close to two decades ago forced them to diversify their economy. Thai government invested a huge amount in the health care sectors and opened up the door for public-private partnership which further led the sector to a vibrant money spinner. Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok reported that they attended to about 1.2 million patients. Medical Tourism Research Guide reported that more than thirty thousand Americans visit Thailand annually.

2. Malaysian Medical Tourism Flourishes with Multifarious Facilities

Though a small neighbor to Thailand, Malaysia still witness huge amount of medical tourists (up to five hundred thousand) annually. Malaysia followed Thailand to diversify her economy after the global financial crunch. Her vast amount of land and tourist sites have been one of the factors that attracts Arabs because they will have space to pray. Some of their strongest point is in vitro fertilization, burns and cosmetic surgery at more than twenty percent off what is obtainable in Europe. Thailand health insurance allows patients to seek medical care in Malaysia because of lower price.

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3. Singapore Emerging as a Famous Medical Tourism Hub

Singapore ranks as one of the countries in the world that rose fastest from the ground and also runs one of the freest economies in the world. They specialize in cancer treatment. WHO has ranked Singapore the best healthcare giver in Asia and they also came sixth in the world. Though their rates are higher than you will get in the previous two, but the standard is not comparable while you also get to feed your eyes on breathtaking artifacts.

4. India Provides the Cheapest Healthcare Ever

Indian medical tourist comes mostly from neighboring countries with like Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on with health care that is far below what is obtainable in India. It also offers a relatively cheaper healthcare compare to US. The major cities that get most of the horde are New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. Deloitte predicts that the number of medical tourists to India will double in coming years.

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5. Overseas Patients like Turkey for Professionalism

Turkey is the perfect combination for wellness and recreation. Majority of their doctors trained in America, bringing home their experiences to make the country a favorite for US and Europe medical tourists. Turkey is the best for eye care treatment.

No matter the country you may decide to head to, be certain they are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) whose role is to identify and share best practices and regulates standard practices globally.

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Article highlights

  • In 2014, there were more than 20 million medical tourists
  • Two main reasons – quality healthcare and low cost
  • Thai government invested a huge amount in the health care sectors
  • Bumrungrad Hospital alone has served about 1.2 million patients
  • Malaysia is a favorite destination for Arabs
  • Malaysian reputation is in vitro fertilization, burns and cosmetic surgery
  • WHO has ranked Singapore the best healthcare giver in Asia
  • India offers the cheapest healthcare
  • Main destinations – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai
  • Majority of Turkish doctors trained in America
  • Turkey is the best for eye care treatment
  • Select a hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • JCI identify and share best practices and regulates standard practices globally

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