A Short Review of Medical Tourism Destination Trends

A Short Review of Medical Tourism Destination Trends
A Short Review of Medical Tourism Destination Trends
September 12, 2016

Medical tourism is not peculiar to any country as of now – may be in the past it used to be. Many countries are constantly developing their medical tourism potentials and some of them are already enjoying the huge benefit associated with doing so. India for example owes a huge amount of her GDP to medical tourism.

People take to medical tourism for many reasons

Majority of those who engage in medical tourism do so because of financial gains. People are always desirous of good medical care and if they can get this at a discount, they would not mind taking the plunge. Though others may have other motives but finance is always at the center because the rigors involved is usually tasking financially.

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Some developing countries have invested heavily in medical tourism

Some developing countries like India and other Asian countries like Thailand have invested heavily in medical tourism infrastructural and intellectually. Today, people move from the developed nations to the developing nations to have a taste of their healthcare because treatment is usually cheaper there. Besides getting treated, it affords them the opportunity of relaxation in the form of tourism.

Policies prevent some procedures from being carried out in some countries

Some medical procedures are considered unethical by some countries, probably because of their religious affiliations. However, such procedures may be the hope to solving some of the emerging health challenges. One of those disputed medical procedure is the use of stem cells as possibility of organ replacement.

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Stem cells are unspecialized cells

Most cells in the body are specialized, meaning that they can only perform specific functions. Stem cells on the other hand are a group of unspecialized cells and can be manipulated to specialize into any form. Stem cells are present throughout the body but their presence is dominant in fetus.

Stem cell research will advance medicine dramatically

The research into stem cells is still an ongoing procedure. Though its application has already commenced in some countries in small scale, it is believed that when it is developed fully in the nearest future, the course of disease treatment would be changed dramatically.

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Stem cells can replace damaged tissues

Stem cells have the ability to specialize into any type of cell, therefore when it is implanted into the body it migrates to the area of the damaged tissue and replace it. Cells such as brain cells, neural cells in the spinal cord and optic nerves can be replaced when they are damaged by injecting the victim with stem cells. Lower animals like lizards whose cells are not highly specialized are able to go through regeneration, growing parts of their bodies when they are cut off.

Untreatable disease may find treatment in the future

The potential of stem cell is enormous and scientists are optimistic that with the current stem cells research directed at technology, in the nearest future, it may be possible to treat such diseases like diabetes and cancer which at the moment are not treated but managed. The furtherance of stem cell research is greatly inhibited by the ethical concerns associated with it.

Desperate victims will travel to countries with flexible medical laws

There are some desperate patients who have tried every possible medication for their diseases without success. The very idea that stem cell may provide a solution to their problem will make them travel, if the procedure is banned or not currently practiced in their country. Such disparity in local policies has also had an impact in medical tourism.

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Article highlights

  • Stem cells are the future of medical treatment.
  • Stem cells are unspecialized cells that can replace damaged tissues.
  • In the future, untreatable diseases may be treated with stem cell implant.
  • Policy and ethical concerns is the greatest challenge stem cell research is facing.
  • The major reason why people travel for treatment is financial discount.
  • Other people see medical tourism as a way of combining treatment and relaxation.
  • Many developing countries have invested hugely in medical tourism.
  • Medical tourism has favored many nations in the form of gross domestic product increase.
  • When stem cells are injected into the body, they will migrate to the damaged tissue and replace them.
  • Victims who are desperate for healing will not mind the ethical concerns.

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