Affordable Medical Tourism in Croatia

Affordable Medical Tourism in Croatia
Affordable Medical Tourism in Croatia
September 4, 2016

The main reason why people seek medical tourism is to get treatment from advanced technology, quality service, quicker access to medically necessary procedures and lower cost of care. Croatia is one of the growing medical tourism destinations in the world. There are many reasons behind the gradual increase in popularity for medical service in Croatia.

Croatia medical tourism has a number of goals

Croatia medical tourism agents have helped to promote Croatia as a medical tourism destination. This has made them become a major player on domestic market. The Croatian medical tourism first understands patient’s need. They identify healthcare providers and match patients to preferred healthcare providers.

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Croatia is a preferred destination for a number of reasons

Croatia is extremely competitive healthcare destination for safe and affordable treatments. They have state of the art facility, equipment and expertise in building a growing reputation for the best service that still beats medical or health costs from throughout Europe and North America.

Several treatments can be carried out in Croatia

Dental treatments, eye treatments, cosmetics surgeries and orthopedics are some of the treatments that are available in Croatia medical hospitals. Other treatments that can be obtained are sports medicine treatment, gynecological treatments, spa and rehabilitations.

Medical bills in the US become unbearable without health insurance

Over 250 million US citizens are limited to health access by their lack of health insurance. For about 50 million that have no health insurance at all, the medical bills can be staggering. One way to escape these stringent policies for patients is to seek medical tourism to Canada.

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Some of the outbound tourism markets have limitations

Some happenings in the neighboring countries have acted in favor of Croatia. For example, UK has a long waiting list for patients. The price of treatment is high and there is also a limitation on insurance coverage. Canada has high prices and patients have to wait a long time on the list.

Four key factors determine the trend in medical tourism industry

The medical tourism market is under the control of four major determinants which are acceptability, affordability, availability and accessibility. High rate of successes recorded by a country’s medical tourism increases their acceptability among different nations. Affordability is currently the strongest draw that stipulates the direction of movement of medical tourists.

The step to getting treatment in Croatia is easy

Before the patient leaves their home country, they must have completed an evaluation form and supplied the destination hospital with his or her diagnostic tests. The medical specialists would review the case and offer travel and accommodation options. Upon arrival, they would be at the airport to welcome you and transfer you to the hospital.

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The growth in medical tourism in Croatia witnessed a decline after 2010

The major reason for the decline was due to supply capacity constraints in foreign countries. As more countries began to tap into the huge potentials of medical tourism, the total number of medical tourism seekers began to be split among the different countries.

The price of medical tourism in Croatia varies

The economic opportunities in medical tourism are favorable to some countries and amounts to economic lose to others. As more US citizens begin to travel abroad for healthcare, US healthcare providers are witnessing loss of revenue. The price of medical tourism in Croatia covers estimated airfare for patient and companion and prices will vary based upon many factors (which includes hospitals, doctor’s experience, and exchange rates of currencies and so on).

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Article highlights

  • People seek medical tourism for better treatment.
  • Affordability is a driving force in medical tourism.
  • Different medical procedures can be done in Croatia.
  • US citizens without health insurance are forced to travel to save cost.
  • High price and waiting time in other countries favor Croatian medical tourism.
  • Patients would need to submit their medical details to the destination country.
  • Croatia medical tourism agents help to promote the country as a medical tourism destination.
  • Medical tourism in Croatia is affordable.
  • There was a decline in Croatia medical tourism in 2010.
  • Quicker access to medical tourism can be achieved in Croatia.

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