Analyzing the Temporary Visa to Australia for Medical Tourism

Analyzing the Temporary Visa to Australia for Medical Tourism
Analyzing the Temporary Visa to Australia for Medical Tourism
September 28, 2016

For a number of reasons, patients are willing to move out of their countries to several other countries for medical tourism. The practice helps foreign nationals to obtain medical treatment in areas that are non-existent or defective in their country of origin or residence. Different countries offer medical tourism now and Australia is one of them.

Temporary visa to Australia makes it easy for medical tourists to come in

Countries that witness higher number of inbound medical tourists are those that have a way of simplifying the visa application system for the medical tourists. Australia has a Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602, which makes the entry of medical tourists into Australia simplified and allows medical tourist gain access to the robust healthcare industry in the country.

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Different category of people can apply for the visa

The medical treatment visa is available for those seeking treatment or those who would want to consult a doctor. Those willing to donate an organ or work as an attendee to someone already undergoing medical treatment are also welcomed to take up the visa. However, there is a restriction placed on those seeking surrogacy.

The number of inbound medical tourists to Australia cannot be compared to that of Asia

There are more countries in Asia that are thriving in medical tourism compared to Australia. India, Thailand and Malaysia for example have highly developed medical tourism potentials and a part of their national GDP is from the revenue realized from the practice. Competing with Asian countries is also difficult because they provide the lowest cost for treatment. The only advantage Australia has which can be used to lure more patients is high quality healthcare.

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Australia sees more visitors from the United States

Every country that practice medical tourism usually has countries (sometimes neighboring countries) that make up majority of their inbound medical tourists. For Australia, majority of travelers that seek medical treatment come from New Zealand, United States and United Kingdom.

Australia can become a medical tourism hub if the right steps are taken

The structures that can stand Australia out as a medical tourism destination are already on ground and the facilities are top notch. What they need to become a key figure in the world is the right reforms. A good look at the countries that have made a name for themselves in the medical tourism sector will show that such countries have made tremendous reforms in their visa policies.

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The facilities and immigration procedures in Australia is similar to those in the Asian countries

The immigration procedures in Australia are definitely not the problem because it can be compared to those of other countries in Asia. The medical application of medical tourists is being managed by the Australian immigration.

Several doctors migrate to Australia annually to serve in the country

Nothing gives medical practitioners joy like an environment that makes their practice easier and helps to hone their skills. This accounts for the reason why many doctors on annual basis would migrate to Australia to live out their medical practice. It is not hard to see that the high quality of healthcare delivery is the primary reason why it is majorly citizens of developed countries that make them their destination point.

Australia needs a robust promotion to get to the limelight

Like a new brand coming into the market, the Australia medical tourism sector will require a robust promotion strategy to get her to the spotlight. This is already the plan of the sector administrators who are currently working on coordination and networking.

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Article highlights

  • Medical tourism gives foreign nationals access to quality healthcare.
  • Simplifying the access to visa increases the inbound medical tourists of any nation.
  • Australia does not allow visa for those seeking surrogacy.
  • Medical tourism has grown the GDP of India and Thailand.
  • United Kingdom and United States citizens are the majority of Australia medical tourists.
  • A good promotion can place Australia medical tourism in the spotlight.
  • Medical practitioners migrate to Australia annually.
  • Australia is popular for high quality healthcare.
  • Medical tourism administrators in Australia are planning networking to improve the attraction of medical tourists.
  • Australia is an emerging medical tourism destination.

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