Belly Flabs can be Lost Easily Using Bariatric Surgery

Belly Flabs can be Lost Easily Using Bariatric Surgery
Belly Flabs can be Lost Easily Using Bariatric Surgery
December 15, 2016

Excessive fat accumulation coupled with the lack of exercise is the leading cause of obesity. Obesity predisposes the person to more severe health challenges like type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, gallbladder disease, cancer and so on. Furthermore, the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke is increased by obesity and overweight. Among many other procedures to reduce belly flabs, Bariatric surgery is a very effective one that most people opt out in recent times.

Lack of physical exercise is the primary cause of obesity

If you have a huge appetite for food but engage in a strenuous physical activity afterward, the calories stored in the food you have eaten will be burned by the body to provide energy for you to continue your work. If you fail to engage in physical activity, on the other hand, the calories will be converted to glycogen and stored which adds up to bloat you out.

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Reducing weight can be a technique to fight diseases

Since it has been established that overweight predisposes one to various diseases, it will then be right, as a preventive mechanism, to shed off the excess pounds as a way of staying healthy. The next important question is the means by which you intend to lose the excess weight. There are several options available but only a few are hassle-free.

Exercising and dieting can be used to lose weight

There might have been a time when exercising and dieting were the only options to weight loss but that era is long gone. The earlier methods had serious limitations; while exercise was too stressful and rarely sustainable, dieting was a psychological torture which only a few could observe diligently. Mild exercising is less stressful but the needed result will not be achieved as fast as desired.

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Obese patients would pick gastric surgery over exercising or dieting

The aforementioned limitations of exercising and dieting are the lead among the reason why obese patients would prefer to go for bariatric surgery. The latter procedure has different forms and aims to either reduce the size of the stomach or reduce assimilation of digested food into the body.

Obese patients in US and Canada are traveling abroad for bariatric procedure

Bariatric is a very popular procedure in the United States and Canada and you will be able to find very nice clinics that are offering the procedure. Lately, however, more and more patients are traveling across the border into Mexico to carry out the procedure there and this is because the cost of the procedure is far cheaper in Mexico.

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Patients always become tensed once surgery has been mentioned

It has become a normal feeling for patients to lose their breath whenever surgery is mentioned. Some may even begin to wonder which is riskier; going under the knife or living with the obesity. However, bariatric surgery is a safe and highly effective surgery. Weight loss cannot be ignored if you have a weight exceeding 100lbs or a body mass index exceeding 40.

Mexico is the preferred destination for bariatric surgery for a number of reasons

The cost difference is glaring and enough to sway any obese patient to have their procedure in Mexico, but besides the cost, Mexican physicians are highly innovative and their facilities can boast of the latest technology that there is when it comes to surgery and human health. They also have top surgeons, drawn from different parts of the world with the sole aim of providing quality healthcare services to the patients.

Mexican clinics offer special packages

Medical tourism websites in Mexico not only provides a list of possible medical tourism destination clinics to patients but a few of them also offer special packages that come with the surgery fee to enable the patient to have the best experience of Mexico. Patients also have an array of medical procedures to choose from.

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Article highlights

  • Lack of physical activity is the primary cause of obesity.
  • Obesity predisposes the patient to other diseases.
  • Exercise and dieting used to be the only weight loss option.
  • Weight loss in recent times can be achieved through surgery.
  • Mexican clinics offer low-cost bariatric surgery.
  • Patients who are above 100lbs in weight are the candidate of bariatric surgery.
  • Surgery always makes patients apprehensive.
  • Some medical tourism websites in Mexico offer special packages to medical tourists.
  • Mexican surgeons are professionals from around the world.
  • Exercising and dieting are stressful and non-sustainable.

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