What You should Consider When Choosing an International Surgeon for Plastic Surgery

What You should Consider When Choosing an International Surgeon for Plastic Surgery
What You should Consider When Choosing an International Surgeon for Plastic Surgery
December 12, 2016

When you are traveling to an internationals country for plastic surgery, it is very important that you know whose hands you are entrusting your health. Some of the questions that need to be answered include: are they qualified? What experience do they have? What certifications do they have? Will they be able to meet my expectations? Since it is a very daunting task, you should be very careful about choosing your surgeon.

Take time to do your homework before traveling

There are a lot of websites out there that customers can consult for their medical tourism needs. Patients should take their time to survey these websites to know which among them is credible. The credibility of medical tourist websites can be accessed by taking a close look at the reviews especially from people who have used their services in the past.

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You need to verify the certification of your surgeon

Giving yourself to a surgeon that is not board certified in a reconstructive plastic surgery can be likened to giving yourself up to scientists as a specimen for an experiment. You can check the surgeon’s certification through board-certifying association of their country. There should be a governing body which oversees the plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures in every country and they determine the minimum requirements a surgeon should have before they are allowed to practice.

International plastic surgeons are certified in countries besides their home country

One important attribute of international surgeons is that they oftentimes have certification in countries besides their native country or the one they reside. Patients have the right to ask their surgeon to show them their certifications and the surgeon is supposed to oblige this request.

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The experience of the surgeon is a very important factor to consider

When choosing an international plastic surgeon, one quality you should keep in mind is the experience they have. The specialization of the plastic surgeon has to be put into consideration also. For example, there are plastic surgeons that specialize in facial reconstruction while there are those that have their specialty in breast augmentation although they all come under the umbrella of plastic surgeons. Some of the things you should be keen to know about your plastic surgeon are;

  • The number of surgeries they have carried out in the past.
  • The possibility of meeting some of their past patients to get their experience.
  • They should be able to tell you some of the predisposing risk factors that can increase the likelihood of side effect.

All your attention should not only be focused on the plastic surgeon

The state of the clinic is nearly as important as the certification and experience of the plastic surgeons. A poor medical facility can only breed a poor outcome even if the best plastic surgeons are to handle your case. If a clinic denies you access to their facilities, you should raise an eyebrow about their services.

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Verify if there are side effects linked to the procedure you want to carry out

One of the critical problems medical tourists face is that of side effects. The side effects sometimes begin to manifest when they have left the facility and returned to their home countries leading to increased expenses on their part. Knowing about the possible side effects in connection with the procedure you want to carry out can help prepare for the worst so that it doesn’t take you by surprise.

The growth in medical tourism can lead to laxity on the part of the clinics

As medical travels grow, clinics may become overwhelmed by the number that proper health regulations may be undermined. For this reason, patients should take charge of their health through in-depth research.

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Article highlights

  • It is important to know the certification of your international surgeon.
  • Cosmetic surgeons usually have different areas of specialization.
  • Your surgeon should be able to tell you the possible side effects of your procedure.
  • If possible, talk to those who have done the procedure before to know their experience.
  • Good cosmetic surgeons usually have certifications in countries other than that of their origin.
  • You can verify the surgeon’s certification through their governing body.
  • Find out the number of surgeries your surgeon has carried out in the past.
  • Evaluate the clinic facility before opting for it.
  • A good surgeon will not perform well if the facility is poor.
  • Knowing the possible side effects of your procedure can help you prepare for them.

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