Contributions of Caribbean Countries to Medical Tourism

Contributions of Caribbean Countries to Medical Tourism
Contributions of Caribbean Countries to Medical Tourism
May 4, 2016

Caribbean countries are becoming medical tourism destinations fast with a number of the countries having specialty in different medical surgeries. However, only a few of the hospitals have been accredited by the JCI. For North America travellers, it is like a home away from home because of familiar culture, food and high sanitary conditions. The Caribbean also offers a perfect combination of travel and luxury especially the breathtaking beaches and a hospitality that is welcoming. What is more is that the cost of medical procedures here are cheaper than what is obtainable in America. Some of the Caribbean countries and what they have to offer are as follows;

1. Cayman Island Health City

Dr. Devi Shetty, an India cardiologist recently founded the Health City Cayman Island which specializes in cardiac surgery and orthopedic. The hospital which offers tertiary care has only one hundred and forty beds with a plan of expanding to two thousand beds and offer neurology and oncology care within a decade. The facility will also accommodate a university and move to acquire a JCI accreditation. Other services a medical tourist will enjoy here are tax breaks and lower premium insurance. Health care here can be gotten at half of what is obtainable in the US.

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2. Colombia Specialized Medical Facilities

Very close to Cayman Island is Colombia. Like her neighbors, Colombia offers a perfect relaxation spot for medical tourists. The country hosts thousands of medical tourists annually and part of the reason is because they offer high quality medical services at about forty percent discount from what the US would charge. Very notable is the FundacionCardioInfantil, a hospital that specializes in cardiac surgery and has also attained a JCI accreditation. Others are the CalleDoceClinicaOdontologica which specializes in dentistry, San Diego Ophthalmologic Clinic in El Poblado for eye care etc.

3. Medical Tourism in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an emerging medical tourism destination and boosts of about fifteen thousand medical tourists per annum. The cost of treatment could be what drives the horde because treatment can be achieved at a discount of up to sixty percent from what is obtainable in the US. Their medical facilities are of unrivaled quality and same can be said of their medical staff. Puerto Rico is renowned for the medical tourists who come for cardiology, dental procedures, neurosurgery, orthopedics, pediatrics and bariatric surgery.

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4. Barbados Growing Medical Tourism

For close to a decade, Barbados have experience a tremendous growth in their medical tourism sector, attracting foreign patients including US, Canada and British citizens who find it easy to blend in because Barbados citizens speak English. The alluring beaches and savannah gives it a blend of wellness and relaxation. The Barbados Fertility Center has been duly accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and the country targets an expanded market in the coming years.

5. Medical tourist potentials of the Bahamas

Bahamas will be aiming to kick in a new health scheme in 2016. The country which already boost of high quality medical facility and personnel has invested so much into the sector which is already yielding result. Most of the advances however are localized around Nassau and Grand Bahama. The factors that make Bahamas a destination option for medical tourism includes the captivating landscape and vicinity to US.

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Article Highlights

  • Medical tourism is a fast rising sector in the Caribbean.
  • Caribbean is a preferred option because of lower healthcare option.
  • Not many Caribbean hospitals have JCI accreditation.
  • Many Caribbean countries are striving to improve their services.
  • Majority of medical tourists to the Caribbean come from the USA and Britain.
  • How Caribbean environment combines wellness and relaxation perfectly.
  • Some Caribbean countries has expansion plans.
  • Services that some Caribbean countries render.
  • The Caribbean know how to host the tourists.
  • Caribbean countries offer variety in service depending on time and place.

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